Will Chope's UFC Brazil Guest Blog: On Visa issues and proving doubters wrong

Photo by Anton Tabuena

The World's Tallest Featherweight blogs for Bloody Elbow about his upcoming UFC Fight Night: Natal bout against Diego Brandao.

Based in Asia, Will Chope is one of the most active and well traveled fighters in the region. After his entertaining back and forth debut against Max Holloway ended in a tough loss, the 6-foot-4 featherweight is now looking to rebound on his second outing in the UFC. The following is his guest blog post for Bloody Elbow as writes about the lead up to his UFC Fight Night: Natal bout where he faces Diego Brandao in his home country. The event happens on March 23 at the undercard of the Shogun vs. Henderson event in Brazil.

So it's one day before my flight to Brazil. I haven't spoken to the media very much for this fight, so I will give this a go instead.

It's been a crazy last two weeks. I was in Borneo or East Malaysia for my training camp at Borneo Tribal Squad, where me and my teammate Ann Osman were both there getting ready for our fights. We then flew to Kuala Lumpur, and I tried to get my Visa done for Brazil because I apparently can't fight there without a special type of Visa.

Long story short, I wasn't able to get it done in KL because my permanent residence is in Phuket, Thailand, so I had to fly to Bangkok for that. Although Bangkok is an awesome city, running around for my Visa while also getting my MRI and blood work done has been a huge pain in the ass. It's definitely the less glamorous side of being a fighter. Training has been going well regardless, and I have made time to train and I am feeling fit.

With regards to the fight against Brandao, I am really looking forward to it. After my last fight with Max Holloway, a lot of people seem to think that I am a 'can' and Brandao will just smash right through me. I definitely feel the pressure to prove everyone wrong, and to make sure I win so I can stay in the UFC for more fights to come. Everyone knows losers don't last long in the UFC.

People think the only way I win this fight is if I can survive the first round, make him gas, and then capitalize. I agree to an extent, but I obviously don't just want to 'survive' the fight until he gasses. I want to fight smart, stay long, keep moving and hit him where I can. And If I see a chance to clinch and get it to the ground dominantly, then I'll take it.

Pretty stoked to get on the plane and get this fight on its way.

If anyone has questions on what it's like training in South East Asia, or anything about the UFC or this upcoming fight, leave it in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them in my next blog post. Thanks guys!

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