Invicta FC Signs Prospects Jinh Yu Frey and Amanda Bobby Cooper Breakdown

Invicta Fight Championship

Come get an extensive look into the fighting abilities and personal life of two new Invicta FC signings, Jinh Yu Frey and Amanda Bobby Cooper.

If you want to keep track of any of these fighters, check out these individual prospect tracking reports in this stream right here

Invicta FC has announced the signings of two new exciting prospects. Jinh Yu Frey (apparently her husband would be sad if she went with 'Jinh Yu') and Amanda Bobby Cooper, who quite frankly has one of, if not the most, badass name I've ever heard. Let's get to it.

105lbs Atomweight

Jinh Yu Frey, 28, 5 ft 2,

Immediate Impact - ranked 7-9 out of 13 atomweights (1 being the highest), only other atomweight that can knock people out that I know of is legend Hisae Watanabe, and she's retired.


Her knockout has appeared on multiple websites including The Huffington Post, MMA Mania, Bleacher Report, Yahoo among many others making her go viral. If you haven't seen what all the buzz is about here it is.

That is a 105lb woman. This knockout was my pick for women's KOTY, and caused Jinh to break her left hand on Darla Harris' face. With the knockout out there, Jinh has noted that it has been difficult to find fights (thank you, Invicta).


  • Double threat from southpaw with her left head kick and left straight, power in both especially her left straight
  • Isn't lost when it goes to the ground, understands the ground game and will finish by submission if you give her something
  • Good distance control, doesn't take much if any damage
  • Active lead right hand to deflect punches
  • Still young at 28


  • 2013 - Finished both her pro atomweight fights in the first round, so not much to say. Sometimes, keeps chin up while striking and you can hear her corner yelling at her about it in the fight against Harris
  • September 2012 vs. Jordan McDonald at 110lbs - clinched up and stayed their for most of the fight... not enough urgency in a close fight... improper back take technique causing loss of position. wears full length leggings (personal preference)
Notable opponents:
  • July 2013 R1 TKO - Darla Harris (3-2) - One of the more experienced atomweights, she took #5 atomweight Lacey Schuckman to a decision and loss to Diana Rael, another experienced atomweight. Harris and Rael one of the few girls that dropped to 105lbs that didn't sign with Invicta in America. Before these setbacks Harris was 3-0.
  • Apr 2013 R1 SUB - Meghan Wright (1-5) - Her biggest "accomplishment" is being the fighter that was the quickest to get subbed (38 seconds)... this is more notable just to say "I beat a 'veteran' of Invicta FC"
  • Sept 2012 DEC L - Jordan McDonald 110lbs (4-3 ammy) - McDonald was on a 4 fight winning streak, then suffered two losses to Paulina Granados and current Invicta FC fighter, Liz McCarthy. Both fighters she loss to would be undefeated as amateurs

Jinh Yu has an associate degree in nuclear medicine, leading to a bachelors degree and working towards a MBA. "I work at a cancer center," she said. "I do handle some radioactive material. I inject patients and do diagnostic testing."


125lbs Flyweight

Amanda Bobby Cooper, 22, 5 ft 3 (Just my good Samaritan opinion... I would click her name)

Immediate Impact - ranked around 7 out of 11 flyweights, this division has been ravaged by UFC 115 and 135, so Cooper could rise to the top quickly


  • Extensive boxing background, knockout power in her right hand
  • Can keep up the pace after round 1, 100% finish rate, with 7 of her 9 finishes taking place after round 1
  • Very active with top position... looking to pass, land punches and/or get a submission
  • Comfortable grappling, considering she was a pure boxer, and only started doing BJJ/Wrestling 2 and a half years ago, so her development/improvements have been very good, as should be for a 22 year old
  • Mixes in takedowns to compliment boxing


  • Jan 2013 vs. Kelly Fleury - reversed in dominant position
  • Nov 2012 vs. Tracy Emerick - got taken down at will... did well to battle back, but was in danger of losing the decision... limited options with a predominantly boxing attack
  • Seeing Cooper get hit by a less technical, but bigger fighter (Emerick) makes me think she would do better at 115lbs. She spoke to me about her weight cut and potentially going to 115:
  • "Usually [I] cut about 10-14lbs and I start my weight cut 4 weeks out by eating a strict diet and by the day of weigh ins I only have to cut 4 pounds of water weight. My last cut wasn't hard and I am walking lighter than before...I am only [5 ft 3 inches] and do have a lot of muscle from years of fighting. I've discussed going to 115 with my coach and boyfriend and we may make that decision in the future but for now my build works very well with my fighting style"
  • There's more opportunities at 115, but it is also much, much deeper than 125. Including the girls imported to the UFC, I count 12 strawweights that I would choose over Cooper based on what I saw of her at flyweight. However, excluding the UFC imports, it's pretty wide open in Invicta.
Notable Opponents:
  • Feb 2014 R2 SUB - Brittany Dugas (7-0 ammy) - An important thing to note is that not a single one of Dugas' 7 opponents had a winning record.
  • Feb 2013 R3 TKO - Lauren Foley (4-0 ammy) - none of Foley's opponents had winning records

I'm sure some are wondering about the name and spelling of "Bobby" for a girl. Cooper told me, "Bobby is my dad and both of my grandpas' name." And in another interview she said, "My friends and family call me Bobby (which is my middle name). I have been called that my entire life."

Here's some other things I found interesting. Her dad is apparently an "undefeated boxer in the Marines"

"One night at the boxing gym, right after I graduated high school in 2010, my dad had talked me into doing one MMA fight (just to see where I stood). At first, I told him, "no way, I love boxing", but then by the end of the night, he had convinced me to do a fight. So the next day he called me and told me I had a fight in two weeks..."

"...when I'm not training I love to play video games. I play World of Warcraft, Diablo, Skyrim, Halo and more."

Grammatical errors were corrected for easier reading.

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