UFC 171 - So Close To Perfection

UFC 171 – So Close To Perfection

Note: I wrote this last night before and during the main event fight, but I decided to sleep on it before sending it into the wild.

As I sit here writing this, the main event of UFC 171 is about to get started. Under normal circumstances I'd be excited and my heart would be thumping, but instead I'm feeling like all the air has been sucked out of the room.

Up to this point, 171 was turning out to be the most fun and exciting MMA event that I had seen in a very very long time. It might just feel that way because the last several UFC events had a stale fart smell around them, so maybe it just felt better by comparison, but I was having an absolute ball tonight. I wish more events could be this exciting.

The prelims delivered some nice action, the women almost never fail to put on a show, there weren't any extended breaks between fights, and everything just seemed to be coming together.

In other words, this event was like Jade Bryce's lovely rear end, it's a joy to look at until you notice a giant puss filled boil suddenly crop up on the left cheek... and just like that perfection has been ruined.


You probably know what I'm talking about when I say puss boil, it's the Carlos Condit vs Tyron Woodley fight, or rather it's how that fight came to an end.

I love Condit, I think he's an incredible fighter, he has fast feet mixed with heavy hands, a jaw made from pure kryptonite, and the cardio of a flyweight. I also like Woodley, he's a great wrestler who also has crates of dynamite for fists, and he's from St. Louis as well so it's hard not to like the guy.

So picking a winner for this fight was almost like having to pick a favorite child, but I was rooting for Condit to put Woodley away by Round 3. Sadly, things never even got that far. It's not that Condit lost, it's how he lost, going out due to an injury. Now please don't think I'm trying to take anything away from Tyron or discredit his win in any way, he won, that's an indisputable fact, I just wish things didn't end the way they did.

I've seen some claims that people are trying to do just that (call it a fluke), but I haven't seen any of that. If anything, it's that everyone loves Carlos Condit and seeing such a well liked guy suffer a serious injury like he did breaks their hearts. If Condit's knee never gave out and rounds 2 and 3 played out like round 1 had, that's fine and fair, but I can't think of anyone outside of Diaz fanboys who enjoyed seeing Carlos fall to the canvas in serious pain.

We're now near the end of round 4 of Hendricks/Lawler. In my eyes, this fight has turned into a welterweight version of Henderson/Shogun I. Both fighters going blow for blow throwing everything they have but they each refuse to drop, Robbie's once white shorts are now pink from all of the blood loss. I should be paying closer attention to this fight, but right now I can't stop thinking about the previous one. Again, I'm not trying to take anything away from Lawler and Hendricks, they've done nothing wrong, they're just victims of having to be the follow up to one of the biggest disappointments in recent history.

Hopefully Carlos' injury won't be as bad as we feared and he'll be back in action sooner rather than later. But for me, this was like adding a shot of tabasco sauce to the perfect key lime pie, it wasn't much but it was enough to throw the entire balance off.

Maybe I'm alone in that thinking, maybe I'm not, but I just felt the need to share it.

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