Why GSP is the greatest of all times and we hope he never comes back

Here's the deal: GSP went from finishing fights to finishing careers. He evolved so much as a martial artist, he went beyond merely finishing a fight. Just look at the evidence! Look at it!

The last fighter GSP finsihed was BJ Penn, from then on he had 7 UD winds. But let's look at what these fighters did after their loss:

* Thiago Alves: went 2-3 after GSP with lots of injuries. 7 fight win streak before GSP
* Dan Hardy: went 2-3 after GSP and was diagnosed with a wolf heart. 7 fight win streak before GSP. GSP beat him a frigging wolf heart.
* Josh Koshek: went 2-3 after GSP with several brutal knock outs.
* Jake shields: went 3-2 after GSP but arguably with the help of a load of the funny stuff, for which he was caught. A far cry from the immens win streak before GSP.
* Carlos Condit: went 1-2 after GSP. GSP also fucked up his knee. As if Woodley could do that.
* Nick Diaz: retired. GSP retired him and looking in the nonsense he's shouting, he's still not recovered.

And let's not forget Anderson Silva. But, you say, Silva never fought GSP? I think they did, in a super exclusive, non taped bout. Tickets were 5 million in gold. Rinoceros steak was on the menu. Attendance: some oligarchs, sjeiks, Putin, Berlusconi, the royal British family. After that Silva went on the fight Weidman and got KO'd plus his shin broken.
As if Weidman could to that.

But what about Ole Bambi eyes, Big Rig?
Sigh, one does not consume MMA as one consumes the Real Housewives or Teen Mom! GSP himself told us he was struggling with mental issues. With great power comes great responsibility. He couldn't handle the pressure any longer.

George is truly on the next level.

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