2014 IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships Black Belt Live Results and Discussion

Photo courtesy of the IBJJF

It is officially on in Irvine as all the black belt divisions will be crowning champions today at the 2013 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships. Get live results and discuss what is happening right here on Bloody Elbow.

The IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships are underway to 2014, and the last three days have been full of white, blue, and purple belt action. Now it is time for the black and brown belts to take the mats, and while Saturday is a light day for the black belts, plenty of top flight grapplers will be on the mats trying to choke, throw, pin, and limp twist each other.

The preliminary rounds are over and today is the heavy action in the black belt divisions. The brackets can be seen right here at the IBJJF website and the online stream of the event can be purchased at IBJJF.tv right here.

If you are interested in this event but aren't sure what you are looking for check out T.P. Grant's Casual Fan Pans Preview.

T.P. Grant is solo today bringing results, he is going to be doing his best, but with up to 10 matches going on at once it is going to get a little tricky, so feel free to share results in the comments.

Results are below, start times are Pacific time zone.


Adult / Male / BLACK / Rooster / 11:36 AM

Round of 16

Thiago Dias D. Narciso vs William Earl Hagerty

Hagerty advances

João Pedro Oliveira Rodrigues vs Takahito Yoshioka

Rodrigues advances

Washington Luis do M. Lima vs David Zennario

Lima advances

Round of 8

Koji Shibamoto vs  William Earl Hagerty

Shibamoto advances

Fabbio Alencar vs João Pedro Oliveira Rodrigues

Rodrigues advances

Ivaniel Cavalcante de Oliveira vs Washington Luis do M. Lima

Oliveira advances

Milton Carlos Bastos P. do Nascimento vs Makoto Sawada

Nascimento advances

Bastos advances


Koji Shibamoto vs Joao Pedro Oliveira Rodrigues

A 50/50 battle for most of the match with a variety of foot attacks that were not really that close. Shibamoto is up 12-10 after a big number of 50/50 sweeps, Rodriguez working hard for a triangle and he puts Shibamoto to sleep with a choke to win.

Milton Carlos Bastos P. do Nascimento vs Ivaniel Cavalcante de Oliveira

Nascimento catches a very quick triangle Oliveira fights for over a minute. The ref steps in to stop the match, Oliveira is protesting that he never tapped. Nascimento awarded two points and match restarted on the feet? That was exceedingly odd.

Nascimento working his closed guard as Oliveira tries to posture, attacks a straight arm lock. Oliveira trying to break the guard, and he finally does, looking to pass with a knee slide. Oliveira is out and collects his three points. Nascimento gets his guard back, but down a point with two minutes left.  Not much left for Nascimento, and throws up a desperation back take attempt, gets the back and get choke from the back to get the win!

Adult / Male / BLACK / Light-Feather / 11:24 AM

Round of 8

Vitor Peres Paschoal vs Nobuo Yagai

Paschoal gets the win with a nasty ankle lock that has Yagai limping off the mat

John Nam H Cho vs Paulo Miyao

Paulo all over this cat, taking positions, dropping for armbars, not sure of score but looking like a blow out. Miyao advances, did not see what caused the finish.

João Miyao vs Fernando Spessoto

Miyao wins by submission


Rafael Freitas Barata vs João Miyao

Rafael pulls guard and looking to berimbolo Joao, a double guard battle ensues. Miyao goes for a toe hold, they roll out of bounds and Joao is awarded two points. Miyao working a berimbolo and is on Barata's back, got his points up 6-0.

Joao on an armbar now, fully extended and Barata works the Vinny black magic escape. Barata gets his back takenm, Joao on a bow-and-arrow now to get the win.

Paulo Miyao vs Vitor Peres Paschoal

Paulo catches an almost instant guillotine, but isn't able to finish, gets and advantage. Some fun, dynamic guard work, Paschoal goes for a kneebar and Paulo escapes. Miyao berimbolos to the back and finishes the bow-and-arrow.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Feather / 09:00 AM

Round of 16

Spenser Gilliam vs Mario Reis

Mario Reis advances

Rafael Panato da Luz vs Mayko de Araujo Girotto Borges

Borges advances

Yukito Robert Isoda vs Samir José Chantre Dahás

Dahas advances

Samuel Hertzog Canquerino vs David Juliano Lemes

Luke Hacker vs Osvaldo Augusto Honorio Moizinho

Moizinho advances by submission via footlock after blowing out Hacker on the scoreboard.

Nicollas Welker Amorim Araujo vs Justin Rader

Rader on top, working his pass game. Switched away from match, not sure of score. Both fighters are on their feet, Araujo jumps guard and now working on a leglock here. Rader defending well, Araujo switching to try for an omoplata sweep or an armlock. Araujo swings under for another kneebar attempt. Rader now in on a front head lock, Araujo has to roll to escape.

Time expires, Rader advances on points.

Edson Francisco de Oliveira vs Isaque Alberto de Oliveira Paiva

Paiva advances

Gianni Grippo vs Zachary James Adamson

Grippo spent a great deal of time working for a bermibolo, he did finally sweep with it, got a crucifix position and worked very hard for a submission. Grippo caught the back eventually, locked up a body triangle, we had some back pack action for a bit. Grippo wins on points.

Round of 8

Samir Chantre vs David Lemes

Chantre advances

Lemes advances on points

Mario Reis vs Mayko Borges

Mario Reis wins by submission.

Justin Rader vs Osvaldo Augusto Honorio Moizinho

Moizinho gets the win on points

Isaque Paiva vs Gianni Grippo

Double guard pull, some back and forth, but mostly double guard pull work.

Grippo wins.


Mario Reis vs Augusto Honorio Moizinho

Mozinho working a very active bottom game, and has been working hard for kneebars and toe holds. Reis working towards the back here with an advantage in points. Reis wins and advances to finals.

Samir Chantre vs Gianni Grippo

Grippo pulls guard and fights off a tough pass attempt. Grippo now on top, hit a sweep and looking to pass guard. Grippo stuck in a 50/50 battle now. Grippo works his way to a leg drag and is looking to pass the guard, Chantre puts the 50/50 back in.

Grippo wins and advances to finals.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Light / 09:48 AM

Round 16

Julian Vega vs Michael Langhi

Vega in Langhi's guard, and gets swept, Langhi working a smothering top attack. Langhi wins on points.

Rafael Costa vs Marcel Goulart Cubel Gonçalves

Rafael Henrique Pereira vs Lucas Lepri

Lepri advances.

Thiago Abreu vs AJ Agazarm

Abreu advances

Steven Barnett vs Philipe Della Monica

Della Monica gets a crafty armlock win.

Gabriel Rodrigues A. Goulart vs Rodrigo Caproal

Bricklin Welch vs JT Torres

Torres wins by kneebar.

Rodrigo Lamounier de Freitas vs Francisco Antonio Iturralde Lara

Round of 8

Michael Langhi vs Marcel Goncalves

Langhi wins by choke

Lucas Lepri vs Thiago Abreu

Lepri advances

JT Torres vs Francisco Iturradle

Torres advances

Philipe Della Monica vs Gabreil Goulart

Della Monica advances.


Michael Langhi vs Philipe Della Monica

Della Monica pulls half guard, Langhi gets an underhook and is looking to pass. Della Monica hits a sweep. Langhi sets up a spider guard armbar, Della Monica sits back and Langhi attacks an omoplata, he ends up in the crucifix and Langhi gets the tap with the omoplata and choke.

JT Torres vs Lucas Lepri

Torres pulls guard and working his open guard. Lepri scores first advtantage with 50 seconds left with a pass to half guard. Very tough match with not much action as Lepri advances

Adult / Male / BLACK / Middle / 09:00 AM

Round of 16

Matthew Jubera vs Otavio Sousa

Sousa spent the majority of this match working his guard, looking for a sweep. With two minutes left Sousa locked up a brabo choke, swept to the mount and got the tap. Sousa advances.

Leonardo I. Iturralde Aguirre vs Jordan Schultz

Traded kneebar attempts, Iturralde was getting the better of an exchange, and during an kneebar escape Schultz got a knee reaping penalty.  After penalty Schultz working from the top of the de la Riva guard, looking to pass, Iturralde head 2-0. Time expires, Iturralde advances.

Julian Marquez vs Leandro Lo

Grip fighting on the feet, Lo pulls guard. Lo working his amazing guard, goes reverse DLR, goes under and now fighting for a sweep, Marque escapes to the feet. Lo on top now, looking to knee slide. Lo loses the sweep and Marquez is able to stand back up. Marquez jumps closed guard, now looking to sweep to even things up. Lo almost passes again, still up 2-0.

Match ends in a DQ for an accidental leg reap, Lo advances.

Charles Santos vs Vitor Oliveira

Charles Santos wins by kneebar and advances.

Victor Santos vs Clark Gracie

Clark pulls guard, in reverse DLR. Santos come very close to passing, Clark recovers early. Scramble Clark very near to giving up up his back here. Clark got his guard back. Santos fighting hard in Clark's guard, Clark using pant grips very well to contain Santos' pass attempts. Clark sweeps with a kimura and then gets the finish, Clark advances.

Lucas Rocha de Freitas vs Marcelo Mafra

Rocha defeats Mafra on a referee decision.

Sergio Raimundo Rios da Silva vs Vitor Estima

Sergio gets a big throw, Estima rolls him, ends up on back with very close choke, slips off. Victor working from his closed guard, sweeps, looks for a pass, now looking to a footlock. Vitor passes the guard, goes for an amazing slick armlock sequence. Sergio escapes. He is now looking to get a standing crucifix choke on Vitor, you can't make this stuff up. Vitor wins on points.

Nic Nikolaisen vs Carlos Diego Ferreira Neves

Nic Nikolaisen

Round of 8

Charles Santos vs Leandro Lo

Lo wins 4-2

Clark Gracie vs Lucas Rocha de Freitas

A great match with plenty of aggression and submission attempts, Clark got down early and was never able to catch up, but stayed very busy with submission attacks. Lucas advances.

Rocha gets up 5-0 with a sweep and a pass.

Otavio Sousa vs Leonardo Iturralde

Sousa advances

Vitor Estima vs Nic Nikolaisen

Estima wins by reverse triangle.


Leandro Lo vs Vitor Estima

Lo pulled guard and swept, passes Estima's guard. Estima comes very close on an armbar, but Lo is able to slip out, passes the guard. Lo lets Estima reguard, and then passes again. Estima on a footlock now. Lo escapes, finishes match on top to win.

Otavio Sousa vs Lucas Rocha de Freitas

Gracie Barra teammates don't fight, Sousa advances.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Medium-Heavy / 09:48

Round of 16

Robert Yamashita vs Rodrigo Fajardo

Fajardo advances

Rafael Fraga vs Eduardo Telles

Telles wins 4-0 and advances.

Bruno Augusto Togni Antunes vs Gustavo Campos

Campos working from his guard against Bruno, and a stalling penalty has already been called against Bruno. Now fighting the the 50/50 guard. Campos advances on points.

Diego da Silveira Herzog vs DJ Jackson

Wow Herzog in a kneebar, calf slicer combo right off the back, Jackson defends, but just barely. In 50/50 guard, now DJ going for some sort of leg twisting position that seems to be causing Herzog some discomfort.

Herzong wins on advantages.

Jurandir Vieira da Conceição vs Murilo Silva Ferreira de Santana

Sadayoshi Roberto Mota Kurimori vs Keenan Cornelius

Keenan on top early. On the back of Kurimori, being reset in the center of the mat. Keenan wins by choke from the back.

Vitor Fabio Martins Toledo vs Felipe Pena

Vitor advances

Renato Guimaraes Cardoso vs William Zumbro

Renato Advances

Round of 8

Rodrigo Fejardo vs Eduardo Telles

Fejardo advances on points. Telles still awesome, still doesn't grapple for points

Gustavo Campos vs Diego Herzog

Campos advances narrowly on points or advantages

Murilo Santana vs Keenan Cornelius

Keenan getting the better of a battle here, both grapplers are spending a lot of energry here. Keenan wins on points.

Vitor Fabio Martins Toledo vs Renato Cardoso

Renato advances


Rodrigo Fejardo vs Keenan Cornelius

Keenan gets a quick triangle, he sweeps to mount and finishes trinagle armbar.

Renato Cardoso vs Gustavo Campos

Campos wins on points

Adult / Male / BLACK / Heavy / 11:24 AM

Round of 16

Jackson Sousa vs Josh Jordan

Sousa with a takedown early, looking to work his very strong passing game. Jordan has reverse DLR, and is fighting off Sousa for now. Jackson gets around the guard and collects his points, now in north south. Back to guard, Sousa up 8-0. Now 11-0. Sousa catches a footlock off a bermibolo and advances.

Arnaldo Maidana de Oliveira vs Yuri Simoes

Simoes working his dynamic top game, is up 3-0 after a pass, he is back in guard and Oliveira working hard for a sweep. Simoes stacking looking for another pass, Oliveira recovers well. Battle in guard continues, Simoes passes and in side control. Medic check on a cut on Oliveira, time winding down here. Simoes wins 17-0

Felipe Menezes Bueno vs Eliot Kelly

Bueno advances

Roberto Alencar vs Guilherme Domingos dos Santos

Alencar ahead on points with a bit of time left, he is advancing position aggressively, working an armbar and triangle chain. 10-0 in favor of Alencar and he advances.

Benjamin Baxter vs Fabiano Junior Leite de Souza

Fabiano de Souza advances.

Alexandro Ceconi de Souza vs John Salter

Salter advances

Round of 8

Rafael Lovato Jr vs Felipe Menezes Bueno

Lovato working his knee slide, Bueno turning towards deep half guard, Lovato gets a brabo grip and cross facing heavily. Bueno slips out, but gives up back in the process. Lovato loses the back, now playing guard down 2-0 to Bueno. Lovato gets a sweep, and is now up by an advantage. Lovato on the back again, but no points yet. Lovato working an arm triangle now as time is running out, he is up on advantages. Lovato wins on advantages.

Lucas Leite vs Fabiano Junior Leite de Souza

Leite Advances

Yuri Simoes vs Jackson Sousa

Stand up battle early, as they head fight. After prolonged standing battle Yuri pulls guard, Jackson attacks an ankle, 50/50 battle ensues. Simoes now looking to get on to the back, Jackson attacks a toe hold, a scramble starts and Yuri is fighting off a kneebar, but could get the back. Jackson lets go and scrambles to feet. Yuri wins by two advantages.

Roberto Alencar vs Fabiano de Souza

Alencar advances in action packed match.

Lucas Leite vs John Salter

Leite wins by bow-and-arrow choke


Yuri Simoes vs Rafael Lovato Jr

Simoes pulls guard and Lovato instantly on a knee slide attempt. Lovato has double pants grips on Yuri and looking for that pass. Lovato working hard to stop Yuri from getting the 50/50 guard, but Yuri gets it. Lovato fights his way out and is working to pass Yuri's spider guard.

Lovato in the closed guard, running out of time and loses by a single advantage.

Roberto Alencar vs Lucas Leite

Alencar gets on top early, Leite gets his half guard established and rolls through for a sweep. Alencar working his guard, but Leite edging closer to a pass. Leite has a good pant grip, and Alencar attempts to scramble, giving up his back. Leite seals deal with a gi choke from the back.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Super-Heavy / 11:24 AM

Round of 16

Bernardo T. de Siqueira Filho Faria vs Roger Luiz Pereira Ambrosi

Amborsi up early with an aggressive top game, but he lost position on a submission attempt, Faria now looking to pass. Prolonged guard battle ensuing. Faria now on the back.

Faria wins, not sure if on points or submission.

Guybson Costa e Sá vs Ronald Wuest

Guyboson advances.

Karim Mohamed Ait Khalifa vs Tiago Ribeiro do Valle Giussani

Giussani advances.

James Puopolo vs Thiago Delecavo Osta Salim

Puopolo was injured, not sure if he continued. It appears he is out, Salim advances

Round of 8

Bernardo Augusto Rocha de Faria vs Bernardo T. de Siqueira Filho Faria

André Alberto W. Campos vs Guybson Costa e Sá

Campos advances on points.

Paulo Tarcisio Pessoa Jardim vs Tiago Ribeiro do Valle Giussani

Luiz Fernando de Azevedo Panza vs Thiago Delecavo Osta Salim


Bernardo de Faria vs Andre Campos

Paulo Jardim vs Luiz Panza

Match ends in dueling toe holds, Panza wins on points.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Ultra-Heavy / 12:00 PM

Round 16

André Simões de Oliveira vs Raphael da Costa Goulart

Goulart advances.

Gabiel Lucas vs Alessandro Ferreira da Silva

Lucas advances.

Round 8

Aleaxnder Trans vs Raphael da Costa Goulart

Trans wins by choke from the back

Mario Barbosa vs Leonardo Henrique D'avila Corrêa

Corrêa wins on points.

Andre Galvao vs Gabiel Lucas

Galvao plying guard early with Lucasm working a more traditional spider guard, and then goes back to closed guard. Galvao slips onto the back, now attacking an arm, controlling Lucas' leg, and gets the armbar.

Abraham J. Marte Messina vs Caio Terra

Messina advances as Terra is scratched due to illness.


Aleaxnder Trans vs Leonardo Henrique D'avila Correa

Trans very quikcly takes Raphael's back, already has a grip, and gets the choke.

Andre Galvao vs Abraham J. Marte Messina

Messina pulls guard almost instantly, Galvao fights off a triangle attempt and now looking to pass with a stack. Messina attacking an omoplata, Galvao slips rights out, but gives up his back out of bounds. Penalty given to Messina for fighting out of bounds after halt, restart in center of mat. Galvao goes for single leg and gets tossed.

Andre gets a favorable position in a restart and teleports on to Messina's back. Galvao on a bow-and-arrow, gets the tap.

Adult / Female / BLACK / Light-Feather / 12:44 PM


Andrea Encarnacion vs Nyjah Easton

Easton advances with a choke

Kanako Inaba vs Andrea Encarncaion

Encarncaion wins and gets a rematch with Easton in finals

Adult / Female / BLACK / Feather / 01:17 PM


Mackenzie Dern vs Cristina Brandao

Dern advances

Laurence Foullat vs Tammi Musumeci

Tammi Musemeci

Adult / Female / BLACK / Light / 12:50 PM


Fabiana Borges vs Charlene Coats

Beatriz Mesquita vs Jena Bishop

Adult / Female / BLACK / Middle / 12:32 PM


Penny Thomas vs Megan Nevill

Nevill is up 2-0 early on Thomas, working very hard with Thomas' guard now. Big sweep for Thomas, and now drops for a kneebar and Nevill sweeps her back. Nevill advances in an upset.

Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa vs BYE

Adult / Female / BLACK / Medium-Heavy / 09:00 AM

Round of 8

Erika Correia vs Shavonne Guthrie


Talita Nogueira vs Erika Correia/Shavonne Guthrie

Carolyn Stephenson vs Rachel Demara

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