2014 IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships Live Black Belt Finals Play-by-Play and Results

Photo Courtesy of the IBJJF

It is down to two in each division and champion will be crowned, get live play-by-play as jiu jitsu's best duel for gold.

The IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships are underway to 2014, and the last three days have been full of white, blue, and purple belt action. Now it is time for the black and brown belts to take the mats, and while Saturday is a light day for the black belts, plenty of top flight grapplers will be on the mats trying to choke, throw, pin, and limp twist each other.

The preliminary rounds are over and today is the heavy action in the black belt divisions. The brackets can be seen right here at the IBJJF website and the online stream of the event can be purchased at IBJJF.tv right here.

If you are interested in this event but aren't sure what you are looking for check out T.P. Grant's Casual Fan Pans Preview. Also you can go back and check out the thread from earlier today with results from the black belt divisions.

That is enough talk, live play-by-play right here!

Men's Roosterweight Final: Joao Rodrigues vs Milton Bastos

Bastos sits guard, Rodrigues gets him to stand again. They grip up and Bastos sits guard again, reset in the center of the mat. Rodrigues has an advantage and Bastos has a penalty, not sure why.

Bastos using his open guard right now, Rodrigues controlling an ankle and trying to set up his pass, but Bastos is setting up a sweep with an inside out leg hook. Bastos inverts but Rodrigues comes out on Bastos' back, looking for hooks.

Rodrigues up by 2 advantages.

Bastos goes for a quick ankle lock, there may have been a momentary knee reap, Rodrigues looks pleadingly at the ref, but no intervention. 50/50 gaurd now, buckle in for some nothing.

Two minutes left, both fighters are out of 50/50, Bastos is working DLR down an advantage.

Bastos comes up into a single leg and Rodrigues is able to balance out of it. Waiting to see if advantage is awarded, and yes it. Bastos sill has a penalty, so he is down here, and Rodrigues pulls full guard with ten seconds left.

Match over, Rodrigues wins.

Men's Light Featherweight Final: Paulo Miyao vs Joao Miyao

Close out as it is declared Paulo Miyao is the winner.

Men's Featherweight Final: Mario Reis vs Gianni Grippo

Close out here as well, declared that Mario Reis is the winner.

Men's Lightweight Final: Michael Langhi vs Lucas Lepri

Third close out in a row, declared that Lucas Lepri is the winner.

Men's Middleweight Final: Leandro Lo vs Otavio Sousa

Two world champions meeting here, both try to pullt guard and Lo comes up on top instantly getting an advantage. Lo comes close to two lighting quick knee slide passes right away. Sousa springs up and comes very close to a takedown and throws Lo out of bounds.

Sousa on top now trying to pass Lo's open guard. Grip fighting from the DLR right now and Sousa trying to stuff a leg. Lo up right now 4 advantages to 2. There hare 2 penalties for both fighters right now, not sure why, likely for sitting in place and breaking grips.

Lo comes up and nearly gets a sweep, but out of bounds, just and advantage. Lo pulls guard, Sousa almost passes, amazing recovery by Lo. Sousa working on a standing leg drag, Lo stops it and gets under Sousa. No sweep, but time ticking down.

Time is up, Lo wins on advantages.

Men's Medium Heavyweight Final: Keenan Cornelius vs Gustavo Campos

Fourth close out, declared Gustavo Campos is the winner.

Men's Heavyweight Final: Yuri Simoes vs Lucas Leite

Oh wait never mind, another close out? Yuri Simoes declared the winner... despite these two grapplers being from different teams.

Men's Super Heavyweight Final: Luiz Panza vs Bernardo Faria

Ok maybe we get some real grappling here! Yes they seem to want to fight.

Panza charges in and jumps guard, Faria looking for double unders and Panza working on a triangle. Now Panza looking for a wrist lock. Panza able to get the sweep and is now knee sliding through half guard with 2 points to his name.

Faria spinning under for deep half guard, Panza stuffs it, but falls on his knee slide attempt and Faria is up and gets 2 sweep points. Faria looking for that double unders pass again, trying to stack up Panza. Faria drops back on a leg lock attempt. Panza up by an advatange currently after an escape.

Faria working very hard on trying to get the upper hand in Panza's open guard. Panza throw up a triangle, switches to an omoplata and then locks up a quick armbar for the win!

Men's Ultra Heavyweight Final: Alexander Trans vs Andre Galvao

Fighters grip up on the feet, Trans pulls guard and Galvao moves into a tight half guard top position. Trans in on the deep half, Andre jumps over the head and looking to get his leg out now. Andre hops over looking for the back, Trans puts him back in the deep half guard. Trans controling Galvao's foot that is trapped in the half guard fight now, Galvao seems to be sliding his leg out.

Trans hips out and puts Galvao in his open guard. Trans looking for the X-Guard, Andre steps over into half guard. Galvao now up 2-0 in advantages.

Trans opens and tries to hip again, Galvao drives for pass, back into half guard. Galvao has a strong cross face and then hops over to the other side, Trans rolls to knees to avoid pass points, Galvao on top in turtle. Andre taking the back, but Trans pulls a leg and avoids the back and is actually now close to the mount on Galvao. Trans gets an advantage for his escape, but not takedown points, that could be huge.

One minute left, Andre up on advantages 5-1

Trans in Galvao's half guard, Trans stans and moving side to side, looking for a pass. Andre on his hip, moving with him very well, stopping the passes. Time expires and Galvao wins.

Men's Absolute Final: Leandro Lo vs Andre Galvao

Lo circling on the feet and jumps guard, Andre goes to stack and pass, Lo gets sleeve grips and feet in the hips. Lo breaks the grips and they are reset. Galvao gets pants grips and lifts Lo, but is unable to pass. Slow start to this match as they are fighting over grips and feeling each other out.

Galvao looking for his lift pass, Lo using sleeve grips to keep it at bay. Stalling penalties to both fighters.

Lo breaks Galvao's balance for a moment but Andre recovers very quickly. Galvao on his lift pass again, but again Lo stops it.

Still no score, all guard fighting thus far, both fighters picking up pace.

Galvao breaks a grip finally and moving around the guard, gets an advantage Lo pops up right away, it looked like Andre hit a trip but no score. Five seconds left, match ends, Andre Galvao wins in a slow match.

For some reason the women's finals went down during the Men's semifinals, and thus I couldn't give my full attention to them, I got down what I could see.

Women's Light-Featherweight Final: Andrea Encarnacion vs Nyjah Easton

A rematch for the final, Esaton gets top position and is working for the knee slide, cross choke combination. Encarnacion slips out and the ladies trade 50/50 sweeps. Encarnacion in on a kneebar attempt, swithcing to a toe hold as time expired with score tied, but Encarncaion gets an advantage to get the win.

Women's Featherweight Final: Mackenzie Dern vs Tammi Musemeci

Dern working on an inverted guard back take, she and Tammi are rolling about and they both come up into a sitting guard. Tammi up by and advantage. More double guard inverting, Dern fishing for a toe hold or a kneebar. Back to inside Dern's closed guard.

Stalling warnings issues, and with penalties Dern is now ahead. Tammi gets the guard open, fighting to pass, and gets an advantage just in time to get the win.

Women's Lightweight Final: Beatriz Mesquita vs Fabiana Borges

Mesquita working to pass the open guard, both fighters given a stalling penalty. Mesquita passes, Borges gives up back and Mesquita is up 6-0 and gets a quick choke to win gold.

Women's Middleweight Final: Megan Nevill vs Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa

Didn't see much of this match, Costa blew the doors off Nevill winning 24-0.

Women's Medium Heavyweight Final: Talita Nogueira vs Carolyn Stephenson

Nogueira goes right to deep half guard, Carolyn working on Nogueira's outside arm and is looking to pass right to crucifix position. Fighting over Carolyn's trapped leg and they are between the deep half and crucifix. Nogueira rolls to the top, but Carolyn in on a kimura and looking for a triangle.

Nogueira escapes and gets her sweep points. Quick break to fix hair. Nogueira comes close to a pass, Carolyn rolls, but ends up getting passed. Nogueira nearly gets the back, but Carolyn slips out to side control, Nogueira quickly puts her in half guard.

Carolyn on a kneebar, switches to toe hold. Nogueira turns into 50/50 guard. Carolyn goes for knee bar again, nearly gets a tap, switches to a straight ankle lock. Nogueira in pain at the end of the match but she wins 4-0.

Women's Heavyweight Final: Tammy Greigo vs Andresa Correa

Missed most of this match, towards end Greigo goes for a seoi nagi, fails sits to guard and attacks an armbar. Tammy Gregio wins on points.

Women's Openweight Final: Beatriz Mesquita vs Andresa Correa

Girls are circling each other, Mesquita jumps guard with her first grip. Mesquita keeping her guard closed as Correa is working really hard to open the guard. Mesquita comes close to a sweep and then attacks an armbar. Correa is able to keep the guard open for a bit, but Mesquita is able to get it closed again.

Grip fighting from inside the guard, but penalties for stalling issued. Mesquita comes close to another sweep. Mesquita working on triangle but Correa defends and comes very close to a pass, but no points as Mesquita turtles. Mesquita is up 5-1 advantages.

Mesquita gets back to her closed guard, Correa opens it, and Mesquita fights it back closed. Near sweep and Mesquita wins the gold.

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