Journo To Journo: Kid Nate & Crooklyn on the juice

Kid Nate and Crooklyn discuss the TRT ban and its implications for the sport.

In the last week or so, TRT has dominated the MMA media by a vast margin. Since the announcement of Nevada's ban, no less than eleventy zillion articles have been published and numerous points of view are available on all forms of social media. For me, the opinion of our commander in chief, the one and only Kid Nate, has the most interesting take on the topic. I sat down with him a few days ago to talk about the impact of the ban.

I've decided just to provide a few snippets from the interview, as Nate's mic skills are too good not to listen to. Here are a few jewels and the link to listen to the audio:


I think the UFC had gotten themselves into a situation where they were trying to have their cake and eat it too. They were claiming they didn't want TRT in the sport, but they kept booking guys who were manifestly using it to a significant advantage.

UFC Relationship With The Media

I don't think you have to be particularly jaded or cynical to believe that ESPN is happy to see critical reporting on the UFC and FOX.

The UFC has fostered a media environment where they have a small amount of MMA media that they've done their damndest to control. They've got this relationship with USA Today/MMA Junkie and have tried to create a cozier and cozier media environment for themselves, but at the same time, they've cut out a lot of big entities like ESPN and Sports Illustrated over fairly petty issues with writers at those outlets.

Dana White

Another thing to keep in mind is the disastrous failure of Dana White's boxing reality show on the Discovery Channel. That had to sting. That failire sends a pretty clear message: If Dana White is trying to carve out a career for himself beyond the UFC as a media property, he's not going very far.

Listen to the whole interview here:

Kid Nate being awesome

You can follow Nate via his Twitter account, @KidNate

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