UFC: Sonnen says Wanderlei was a struggle to work with; has worst UFC record

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The latest shots fired from upcoming TUF Brazil coach, Chael Sonnen about rival, Wanderlei Silva.

The upcoming TUF Brazil reality show has been garnering some buzz, mainly due to its embattled coaches, UFC Middleweights, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva. With on-set scuffles and tons of trash talk, it may well be a hit, despite the consistently dwindling ratings and the fact that it's going to be a paid commodity via Fight Pass.

The latest to come from the always outspoken Sonnen, is a declaration that Wanderlei has the worst record in the UFC and was a struggle to work with. MMA Fighting reports the details:

"As far as the incident with Wanderlei, there were many incidents," Sonnen said. "One of them has garnered more attention than the others. The guy was a complete struggle on a daily basis to work alongside."

Dana White noted that putting together a video was more deciding what to leave out than put in.

"We have a treasure chest of s*** from this show," said White via text message.

Ever the master at building a fight, Sonnen's tact with Silva is to say his Japanese success wasn't close to how it looked, and his UFC record is among the worst ever.

"Wanderlei's record is the single worst in the history of the UFC," he claimed. "That's not just the Zuffa owned UFC, but the SEG UFC as well. He currently has five wins and eight losses. That is the record. He's won his last two fights, so that means at one point he had three wins and eight losses. There's never been a guy that terrible in UFC."

While Sonnen touts a good portion of Silva's Japanese based fights as ‘fake', he says he's not dismissing him, but does plan to expose his competitive history at every opportunity.

I'm not dismissing him. But he pulled the wool over people's eyes in Japan with that fake crap. I'll expose his real competitive history every opportunity I get. I outed him many years ago for those fights in Japan being fake. Time out, that referee's wearing an ear piece, it looks like Earl Hebner and his twin brother (two well known pro wrestling referees). Those matches aren't real.

At the time of this writing, the bout between the two has yet to be officially confirmed, and Sonnen has intimated that without a TRT exemption, he may end up retiring.

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