Joanne Calderwood confident she will be UFC women's strawweight champion

Esther Lin for Invicta FC

Joanne Calderwood will join the cast of TUF 20, find out how her team is getting her ready for the TUF house, and why she expects an 'a-- whipping' for revealing that bit of information about her team

Season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter will be the first edition of the UFC's long running reality to show to feature an all-female cast. It will also be the first season of TUF that ends with the crowning of a UFC divisional champion. One of the fighters that will participate in the upcoming season is highly ranked Joanne Calderwood.

Calderwood's name more often than not appears in the top five of the women's strawweight rankings, and for good reason. Calderwood, the first Scottish woman to fight professionally in MMA, is unbeaten in eight fights. Four of those fights have ended by decision, with the other four ending via knockout, including her Invicta FC 3 Knockout of the Night winning performance over Ashley Cummins.

Calderwood participated in the fan question and answer session (via prior to UFC Fight Night 37. When she was brought to the stage, she was introduced as a future superstar of the sport.

That type of introduction would make some fighters uncomfortable. Not Calderwood, she plainly stated what her intentions are for her time in the UFC, saying that she would wear the UFC women's strawweight title, "This is my dream, and I hope I can pull it off. This is what I've been working hard for, so it's going to happen, I know it."

Calderwood's team has been preparing for her for her time in the TUF house in what I am guessing is a very unique way, "Someone asked me how my preparations been going, and I told them that basically my teammates have been dressing up as girls and bitching between themselves, and I've just been in the background going, ‘right, this is what it's going to be like.'"

After revealing this little piece of behind the scenes information, Calderwood, clearly breaking the what happens in the gym, stays in the gym rule, said that she was probably in for an "ass whipping on Monday" when she returns to the Dinky Ninjas team for training.

The history of TUF is littered with fighters - and some coaches, that while thankful for the opportunity the show gave them, are more than happy to reveal that they would never step back into the TUF house again. Calderwood doesn't see herself having any problems when the doors of the house lock behind her and she begins her TUF journey, "My mental strength has never been a problem," Calderwood said. "As long as I keep my mental strength up, I'm sure Ill be fine."

Coaching the women on the upcoming season of the show will be UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and No. 1 ranked contender Gilbert Melendez. Filming for the show begins in May.

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