BECW 8: TUF China Finale


Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone out there?

Yes thats right, its the moment literally no one has been waiting for. The grand finale of the most .... season of Ultimate Fighter ever. TUF China. Its also the semi final round for the BECW so there is at least that.

Looks like a shit ton of people made incomplete picks in some way or shape so you suck. Even TC managed to copple together some sort of event If you think you did make your picks correctly (check your MMA PG Fight Companion to be sure) leave a comment with appropriate levels of snark and I'll look into it.

In the fights that matter The Silva Lining continue their streak towards eventual glory when they take on the not bad by any means Bader Fisters. In the other semi (I love the semis) 50 shades of shit take on the KmcCaig inspired Concussion whisperers. Unfortunately McCaig wasnt inspired enough to make his picks. Or to get his team to. See you in the final James!

There are some other matchs ups but I'm lazy and its early and theres no one here so you can check those out if like using the spreadsheet which can always be found at Here

In S9 news we will be taking enrollments for returning players soon so think about if you want to be kept on as a keeper by your captain or enter the free draft. You will be notified when you have to send the email. If your captain isnt staying on then someone from the team needs to step up to replace them if they want to keep the team alive. If not everyone from that team will join the draft as free agents. We are also discussing the possibility of not using Fight Pass events as part of the BECW to avoid situations like this where no one shows up and no one gives a shit an a ton of people miss their picks. Not having an event every single weekend could make the shows that do not feel more important. Leet us know what you think in the comments.


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