Joe Lauzon Answers Many Questions on Reddit AMA

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Lauzon recently did an AMA on Reddit, and had some thoughtful answers in regards to fighter pay and other topics

Joe Lauzon was on reddit once again for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and he had some interesting questions and detailed answers. Here's what he had to say on fighter pay, a Nate Diaz story and some backstory on his post-fight with Gabe Ruediger.Fighter Pay

Q: Joe, how much money does it cost you to prepare for a fight? If a fighter makes 15k for a fight in the UFC are they breaking even? Are they making minimum wage?

JL: Lots of variables. Sometimes coaches get paid on a percentage, some are flat fees. Flights vary quite a bit in price... when I fly to Vegas its like $350 per flight, for Japan it was over $1400 per flight. I always take care of my coaches with flights (not giving them shitty/cheap flghts), etc.

15K for a fight does not leave much money by the time you pay coaches, flights, medicals, taxes, etc.

He also talked about Nate Diaz

Diaz Story
Q: Can you share with us some interesting backstage story(stories?) from the past which you haven't so far in a public forum?
JL: TUF5 Finale. They want us to do a photo shoot. They arrange to bring us to an off-site spot to do them. I get brought over and Nate Diaz is there already, he was ahead of me. They are not watching us, we are just waiting around. Well, Nate didn't want to wait... so he walked outside. UFC starts looking for him and are asking me where he went and I just give them "I dunno" and shrug my shoulders. I heard them talking to him on the phone. "What do you mean? You ran back to the hotel? But thats like 3 miles and its 110 degrees outside. Really? Okay... we will come get you."
209 do what they want.

Ruediger and Danzig

Questioner asked about Mac Danzig and Gabe Ruediger not shaking his hand after their fights, and if Lauzon ate the cake Ruediger gave him.

JL: Gabe was being a baby so he didn't want to shake my hand. I tried in the back room too and he snubbed me again. Finally he came over and shook my hand and gave me some kind of backhanded comment like "I respect you as a fighter but not as a person" or some BS.

Mac on the other hand was super cool. He gave me a little huge (sic) / back slap and we have had nothing but great things to say to one another. Mac is a great dude.

I did not eat the cake... would never eat something like that anyways from fear of it being poisoned with diuretics or something... but I was pissed my cornermen threw it out because I wanted to give it back to Gabe the night of the fight.

There's a tons more answers and interesting info from Joe over at the AMA, definitely worth a read.

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