Dana White's $10 million UFC performance bonus pot for 2014 significant increase on previous year's payout


UFC president Dana White has recently claimed around $10 million will be paid to fighters in 2014 in performance bonuses. KJ Gould looks at the payout in 2013 and notices a significant increase.

Last night at the UFC 170 post fight scrum with president Dana White, the topic of performance bonuses came up and how this new approach was replacing the former Knockout and Submission of the night bonuses. Of note Dana White made the following bold claim:

"There's a 10 million dollar pot this year. 10 million bucks. We want every dime of that 10 million to go out to the fighters. I don't want there to be a situation where there was no submission, there was no this, there was no that ... this set-up it's impossible not for a bonus to go out. Unless the fight sucks so bad one night ...

... as I started playing with this thing, and started to realise how much money -- 'cause now we're doing so many fights -- how much money it was, it's almost 10 million bucks. It's like 9.8 million. I want 9.8 million of that to go out the door, every dime of it."

In 2013 the UFC put on 33 events and according to data I've collected paid out $6.8 million US in 'of the night' bonuses, meaning if White's words hold true $3 million US extra will go to fighters. For most of 2013 the bonuses were in the form of $50,000 for Submission of the night, Knockout of the night, and to each fighter in the Fight of the night. There were a few variances most notably in the final event of the year featuring the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman at UFC 168, co-headlined by the rematch between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate where the bonuses came in $75,000 sums. It was also a pay per view that saw a hike in price to $59.95 for a High Definition broadcast, and $49.95 for Standard Definition.

If the average of $50,000 in bonus payouts remains true, as well as the average of 4 fighters receiving these bonuses per event (2 performance bonuses, and 1 fight of the night bonus to the two respective fighters giving a $200,000 total payout in bonuses) the UFC will need to put on 49 events in 2014 in order to pay out every last dime of their $9.8 million US bonus pot. There are currently 21 main UFC cards forecast for 2014 with 6 already having taken place. The finales of the expected 6 seasons of The Ultimate Fighter in 2014 brings the current total up to 27.

If the total of UFC events for 2014 is similar to or slightly greater than last year's 33 (hypothetically lets say 36 when all is said and done) the mean average bonus will have to rise to just over $68,000 in order for every dime of UFC's performance bonus pot to be paid out, or between 5 and 6 bonuses of $50,000 will need to be paid out each event on average.

With $1.2 million having been paid out in performance bonuses by the UFC in 2014 so far, there's still a lot more bonus money UFC fighters will expect to be doled out this year.

Here's a breakdown of the performance bonus payout of 2013. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow as we keep track of the 2014 performance bonus payout.

2013 Event Fighter Bonuses Value
UFC on FX 7 - Belfort vs. Bisping, Jan 19 Alcantara SOTN $50,000

Belfort KOTN $50,000

Sarafian / Dolloway FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fox 6 - Johnson vs. Dodson, Jan 26 Bader SOTN $50,000

Pettis KOTN $50,000

Johnson / Dodson FOTN $100,000
UFC 156 - Aldo vs. Edgar, Feb 02 Green SOTN $50,000

Silva KOTN $50,000

Aldo / Edgar FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fuel TV 7 - Barao vs. McDonald, Feb 16 Barao SOTN $50,000

Watson KOTN $50,000

Watson / Nedkov FOTN $100,000
UFC 157 - Rousey vs. Carmouche, Feb 23 Robertson SOTN $50,000

Lawler KOTN $50,000

Bermudez / Grice FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fuel TV 8 - Silva vs. Stann, Mar 03 Hunt KOTN $50,000

Silva KOTN $50,000

Silva / Stann FOTN $100,000
UFC 158 - St. Pierre vs. Diaz, Mar 16 Ellenberger KOTN $50,000

Condit / Hendricks FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fuel TV 9 - Mousasi vs. Latifi, Apr 06 Madadi SOTN $60,000

McGregor KOTN $60,000

Pickett / Easton FOTN $120,000
UFC - The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, Apr 13 Pineda SOTN $50,000

Browne KOTN $50,000

Tate / Zingano FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fox 7 - Henderson vs. Melendez, Apr 20 Thomson KOTN $50,000

Romero KOTN $50,000

Brown / Mein FOTN $100,000
UFC 159 - Jones vs. Sonnen, Apr 27 (Healy) Caraway SOTN $65,000

Nelson KOTN $65,000

(Healy) / Miller FOTN $130,000
UFC on FX 8 - Belfort vs. Rockhold, May 18 Souza SOTN $50,000

Belfort KOTN $50,000

Martins / Larsen FOTN $100,000
UFC 160 - Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2, May 25 Teixeira SOTN $50,000

Grant KOTN $50,000

dos Santos / Hunt FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fuel TV 10 - Nogueira vs. Werdum, Jun 08 E. Silva SOTN $50,000

T. Silva KOTN $50,000

T. Silva / Feijao FOTN $100,000
UFC 161 - Evans vs. Henderson, Jun 15 Krause SOTN $50,000

Jordan KOTN $50,000

Krause / Stout FOTN $100,000
UFC 162 - Silva vs. Weidman, Jul 06 Weidman KOTN $50,000

Edgar / Oliveira FOTN $100,000

Swanson / Siver FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fox 8 - Johnson vs. Moraga, Jul 27 Johnson SOTN $50,000

Guillard KOTN $50,000

Herman / Smith FOTN $100,000
UFC 163 - Aldo vs. Korean Zombie, Aug 03 Moraes SOTN $50,000

Perosh KOTN $50,000

McCall / Santos FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 26 - Shogun vs. Sonnen, Aug 17 Sonnen SOTN $50,000

Mcdonald SOTN $50,000

Browne KOTN $50,000

Brown KOTN $50,000

McDonald / Pickett FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 27 - Condit vs. Kampmann 2, Aug 28 Cummings SOTN $50,000

Thatch KOTN $50,000

Condit / Kampmann FOTN $100,000
UFC 164 - Henderson vs. Pettis 2, Aug 31 Pettis SOTN $50,000

Mendes KOTN $50,000

Krauss / Gyu Lim FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 28 - Teixeira vs. Bader, Sep 04 Hallman SOTN $50,000

Teixeira KOTN $50,000

Natal / Troeng FOTN $100,000
UFC 165 - Jones vs. Gustafsson, Sep 21 Gagnon SOTN $50,000

Barao KOTN $50,000

Jones / Gustafsson $100,000
UFC Fight Night 29 - Maia vs. Shields, Oct 09 Hyun Kim KOTN $50,000

Assuncao / Dillashaw FOTN $100,000
UFC 166 - Velasquez vs. dos Santos 3, Oct 19 Ferguson SOTN $60,000

Dodson KOTN $60,000

Melendez / Sanchez FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 30 - Machida vs. Munoz, Oct 26 Musoke SOTN $50,000

Machida KOTN $50,000

Barnatt / Craig FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 31 - Fight for the Troops 3, Nov 06 Chiesa SOTN $50,000

Kennedy KOTN $50,000

Khabilov / Masvidal FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 32 - Belfort vs. Henderson, Nov 09 Martins SOTN $50,000

Belfort KOTN $50,000

Akhmedov / Perpetuo $100,000
UFC 167 - St. Pierre vs. Hendricks, Nov 16 Cerrone SOTN $50,000

Woodley KOTN $50,000

St. Pierre / Hendricks FOTN $100,000
UFC - The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale, Nov 30 Holdsworth SOTN $50,000

Diaz KOTN $50,000

(Sampo) / Benoit FOTN $100,000
UFC Fight Night 33 - Hunt vs. Bigfoot, Dec 07 Rua KOTN $50,000

Hunt / Silva FOTN $100,000
UFC on Fox 9 - Johnson vs. Benavidez 2, Dec 14 Faber SOTN $50,000

Johnson KOTN $50,000

Barboza / Castillo FOTN $100,000
UFC 168 - Weidman vs. Silva 2, Dec 28 Rousey SOTN $75,000

Browne KOTN $75,000

Rousey / Tate FOTN $150,000

Event Total: 33 Bonus Total : $6,820,000

Data was taken from reports in articles from UFC.com, BloodyElbow.com and MMAMania.com. For a full list of urls linking to this information, click here.

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