BECW Playoffs Quarterfinals: Rousey/Cormier vs Room Temperature Body Livethread

Hey shitflakes. Let me apologize in advance for the title. Yes, I know Sara McMann is far from a Room Temperature Body. But this is kinda a pair of unapologetic squash matches. I'm barely interested, between that and how terrible the last two events have been. Anyways fuck that let's talk about some BECW stuffs!


...Because thanks to TC FUCKING ENGEL DECIDING TO MISS HIS PICKS, my team missed the playoffs. As always, I invite all pick-missers to, at their earliest convenience, have sexual relations with a wasp nest.

A #1 50 Shades of Go Fuck Yourself (6-1)
#8 The Rec'ing Balls (2-5)
B #4 The Jessamyn Duke It Outs (4-3)
#5 The Concussion Whisperers (4-3)
C #2 The Iron Fists of Bader (5-2)
#7 Mo Backfist, Mo Problems (2-5)
D #3 The Bathwater Connoisseurs (4-3)
#6 The Silva Lining (3-4)

To quote Manchild, FUCK THIS SHIT AND FUCK SPAMMY. I kinda sympathize with Keith now. Anyways, the wonderfully titled 50 shades of go fuck yourself look to add another shade thereof against the awful Miley Cyrus joke. The Concussion Whisperers and Jessamyn Duke It Outs will vie for the title of second best team in their division because EVEN WITH TC NOSHOWING MY TEAM STILL HAS A HIGHER OVERALL SCORE YOU GODLESS FUCKS. By some sick twist of fate there's another 2-5 team here to get killed, and the Bathwater chuggers and the perennial best logo winners. Fuck. I want to go drink paint.

BP matchups:

Bastards vs xyience

Godspeed! vs Sensation

Last event's results can still be viewed here

Tonight's is here

We still need another captain to replace 'Busa, who quit the BECW AND got banned, email me at user.error@the mail that is g

Here's a shot at free moneys over at kountermove

Fightpass prelim link, don't forget to cancel tomorrow or they start billing you


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