Shot for Shot - Machida vs. Mousasi


Notes -

* I tallied all strikes that connected, be they flush, glancing, or partially blocked.

* There are several strikes from both fighters that have a bad camera angle, and no replay was shown, so I did my best to judge based on how they reacted when they got hit, and body positioning. I would love to see a replay of the final ground and pound shots that Machida landed. I'm guessing here that they connected enough to be counted.

* I included 3 punches that clearly hit Machida in the back of the head, but omitted the more blatantly illegal shots, like Gegard's upkick, and (unintentional) low blows.

* Whoever was directing the broadcast did a crappy job for this fight. The view was often from the side where both fighters' backs were to the camera, obscuring the power striking side.

* I'm aware that statistics don't tell the full story. This is just a tool for the nerds that care about such minutiae.


So I had the strike count as Machida - 47, Mousasi - 89. Fightmetric had it Machida - 35, Mousasi - 66. Images, and more detailed breakdown below. As always, click the pictures for much larger images.

Round One

Machida - 8 total strikes

3 head strikes

3 inside leg kicks

2 body kicks
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Mousasi - 8 total strikes

6 lead outside low kicks

1 jab

1 body kick



Round Two

Machida - 9 total strikes

2 head kicks

2 head punches (1 right hook, 1 straight left)

2 body punches

2 inside leg kicks

1 body kick

Mousasi - 18 total strikes

11 head punches (2 jabs, 6 left hooks, 3 rights)

6 leg kicks (3 lead inside, 3 outside)

1 body punch

Round Three

Machida - 14 total strikes

6 head punches (2 right hooks, 2 lefts, 1 jab, 1 uppercut)

1 head kick

5 body kicks (3 front kicks, 1 roundhouse, 1 spinning back kick)

2 knees to body

Mousasi - 14 total strikes

7 head punches (4 left hooks, 3 rights)

4 clinch knees to body

3 leg kicks (2 inside, 1 outside)

Round Four

Machida - 6 total strikes, 1 takedown

3 head punches (1 straight right, 1 right hook, 1 left)

1 head kick

2 leg kicks (1 outside, 1 inside)

1 takedown (41 seconds of dominant position)

1 reversal

Mousasi - 19 total strikes

1 standing head punch (jab)

10 head punches on ground (4 from bottom (3 of which were illegal), 6 from full top guard)

1 upkick

1 standing body punch

4 body punches on ground (from top position)

2 leg kicks (lead inside)

1 takedown

1 reversal

Round 5

Machida - 10 total strikes

3 head punches on grounded Mousasi

4 head punches on ground from back control

2 body punches

1 knee to body

1 takedown (2 minutes of dominant position)

Mousasi - 30 total strikes

5 standing head punches (4 jabs, 1 overhand right)

18 head punches on the ground (15 from his back, 3 from Machida's back control)

4 body punches on ground from bottom

3 leg kicks (1 inside, 2 outside)


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