DEEP JEWELS 3: Weirdness in Japan as Mizuki Inoue Disqualified for Missing Weight... Fight Goes On?

Esther Lin

A strange decision was made by all-female promotion, DEEP JEWELS, officials for "disqualifying" Mizuki Inoue for missing weight, but still allowing the fight to take place.

I give it to Japan. They always think of creative, unconventional and controversial ways to penalize a fighter for missing weight.

Just in recent years, there was the Rin Nakai vs. Danielle West rematch at Pancrase, where there was a last minute rule change. The rule change being West, and ONLY West could not attempt chokes or knees for missing weight. Much controversy was caused thinking Pancrase was playing favorites with Nakai, an accusation not completely ridiculous.

Next, there was Celine Haga vs. Sadae Numata at the first DEEP JEWELS event in 2013. It saw Numata miss weight and apparently was suppose to be deducted two points before the fight started, making it nearly impossible to win via decision. However, Haga stated after the fight that no points were actually deducted meaning there was no penalty for Numata. Numata won the fight via split decision and was awarded an atomweight title shot.

And now. DEEP JEWELS 3

Mizuki Inoue, arguably the best fighter male or female to come out of Japan in some time, was disqualified for missing weight in her 115lbs title fight against Emi Tomimatsu this past weekend. The DEEP JEWELS officials still allowed the fight to take place, but if Inoue were to win it would show as a "DQ loss" on her record regardless. After the Nakai/West fight, West revealed that the exact stipulation was applied to her as well.

Inoue would end up finishing the contest via 3rd round armbar. MMARising has the rest of it:

Under the set rules for the fight, Inoue was not eligible to win due to her failure to make weight for the planned title bout. As a result, the official record stands as a disqualification win for Tomimatsu, who was crowned as the new Deep Jewels Interim Lightweight Champion at the beginning of tonight's event.

The winner of this fight was suppose to "unify" the strawweight title with Ayaka Hamasaki on a later date.I guess, the only thing to do is chalk it up to just another day in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Note: I definitely don't agree with an immediate disqualification. I think, the fight purse deduction is the way to go. And let the opponent that did make weight decide if the fight should go on. And in no situation should ANY of the purse deduction go to anyone, but the opposing fighter (I'm looking at you athletic commissions that take a percentage of it).

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