BECW Live At The Movies: The Desolation of Machida vs. Dreamcatcher!

So here we are, the first round of the Grand Prix the final event prior to the Grand Prix. As fate would have it, the future of several teams rests in the hands of many a Brazilian fighter that few and far between are familiar with. However, that does not take away from what could be a technical battle for the ages in the main event; The Dragon, Lyoto Machida taking on The Young Vagabond, The Dreamcatcher, Gegard Mousasi.

Will Mousasi play the role of Bard, and slay the mighty dragon? Or will he opt for a lesser, but decidedly more bad-ass role with that of VAN ZAN, the tattooed dragon hunter from Reign of Fire? Only time will tell.

Here are your match-ups for the event:

Division 1

#1 Iron Fists of Bader vs #4 Rec'ing Balls

#2 Bathwater Connoisseurs vs #3 Bastards of St. Pierre

Division 2

#1 50 Shades of GFY vs Mogwai #4God Speed You Last Emperor!

#2 Mo Backfist Mo Problems #3 The Silva Lining

Division 3

#1 Waylon's WIllie and The Burning Sensation vs #4 The Concussion Whisperers

#2 She Blinded Me With Xyience vs #3 The Jessamyn Duke It Outs

Overall standings
# Team Name W L Points Q
1 50 Shades of Go Fuck Yourself 6 0 3846 x
2 The Iron Fists of Bader 4 2 3608 x
3 The Bathwater Connoisseurs 3 3 3737 y
4 Waylon's Willie and the Burning Sensation 3 3 3714 x
5 She Blinded Me With Xyience 3 3 3623 y
6 Mo Backfist, Mo Problems 2 4 3798 y
7 The Rec'ing Balls 2 4 3712 z
8 Bastards of Saint Pierre 3 3 3652 z
9 The Silva Lining 2 4 3619
10 The Jessamyn Duke It Outs 3 3 3581
11 The Concussion Whisperers 3 3 3557
12 Godspeed You Last Emperor! 2 4 3507
(x: Lead division; y: 2nd in division, z: wildcard)
Total points by division
1 Division 2 14770
2 Division 1 14709
3 Division 3 14475




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