Fight Pass Subscribers/People with access to "no rules" UFC era where you at?

I would like to invite you to watch, and discuss the "no rules" era of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting CHALLENGE).

If you are like me, who came in post-TUF1 or Brock Lesnar era, you've likely never seen the "no rules era", and I thought it'd be a great experience going through the cards up til the establishment of the unified rules.

Starting with UFC 1 - The Beginning

I will be posting my thoughts here and what not in a stream of consciousness format. Kind of like a old member "head-splitter" did with his rewatching of K-1 I believe and other classic stuff.

p.s. these aren't the best worded, clearest, concise thoughts. this kind of how I would tell you if we were talking in person

  • This is so damn classy! It's so weird. The way this generation of people talk, you don't see that anymore. The beginning guy something Wallace, Jim Brown and Rod Machado. If you turned this on your TV, I could have seen people sticking around. Very professional feel thus far (like not even 5 minutes in)
  • Also, Kathy Long, who I believe would be officially the first UFC female commentator kind of humanizes it already for me. By the way, were all women Jodie Foster sounding in "Silence of the Lambs"?
  • I often say the level of fighting with the post Brock Lesnar boom was so much higher than the post TUF1 boom, but shit, after just watching these first few minutes of "The Beginning", I think I would have instantly been hooked.
  • Love the opening literal hiccup
  • Ugh, I hate this announcer. He makes me very nervous.
  • Fuck yes. First fight and there's a soccer kick.
  • Did they stop Savate (Gerald Gordeau) vs Sumo because of the blood or the missing tooth? Doctor probably didn't know he would be watching dudes get soccer kicked in the face.
  • "The mistake was not getting up quick enough." Sounds rudimentary, but the Sumo guy clearly didn't know what the fuck was going on.
  • Even in the first UFC... God was giving dudes the strength to try and render another human life unconscious. You are truly an awe-inspiring Lord.
  • Man, watching these dudes who probably think they're badass "martial artists" come in here and fight in what looks like there first time really getting hit is painful. The interview Kickboxing (Kevin Rosier) did. Shivers. His face says it all. He had no idea he would be in such a brutal fight.
  • Zane Frazier (Karate) is the first example of "blowing your load".
  • Kathy Long (Kickboxing Champion) seems to be the only inkling of "technical" analysis. The main commentator guy sounds like he's talking out of his ass, and trying to one up Kathy.
  • Jim Brown is giving some like decent "fan perspective" in the streets, what would I do in this situation advice. And I kind of like it.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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