UFC Fight Night 34 results: Kang dominates en route to submission, Dutra disqualified

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Check out the first two fights of the main card of UFC Singapore.

The main card of UFC Fight Night 34 kicked off with a Bantamweight bout followed by a Welterweight fight. Kang got the action started with a dominant performance over Shimizu ending in a third round submission. After a fairly even start, Dutra was disqualified for landing elbows to the back of the head. -kan

Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Luiz Dutra - Welterweight

Kunimoto pressed the action first with a clinch against the cage looking for a takedown. Dutra was able to escape and started scoring his own points body shots. Kunimoto dove in for another takedown and put Dutra's back against the cage. Luiz let loose a vicious series of elbows that referee John Sharp called illegal to the back of the head. Kiichi dropped to the mat. Kunimoto can't continue and the fight gets called.

Kiichi Kunimoto defeats Luiz Dutra by disqualification at 2:57 of round 1 (elbows to the back of the head).

Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shunichi Shimizu - Bantamweight

Kang opened up the action with a spinning back kick that missed. He followed that up by catching Shimizu with a knee as he came in for a takedown. Shimizu ended up on his back defending ground strikes. Kang moved to mount while throwing strikes and transitioned to a mounted triangle and armbar attempt. Shimizu managed to avoid being submitted by the combined threat before the action was stopped due to an illegal 12-6 elbow. The referee penalized Kang 2 points for the infraction. Flying leg lock attempt from Shimizu and he ended up on his back. Low blow from Kang stops the action toward the end of the round. Round ends with no other action.

Shimizu went for a takedown early, but Kang blocked it with a sprawl. Kang forced him to pull guard as he ate shots then moved to mount. Kang postured up to land elbows and Shimizu took the opportunity to reverse. Kang stood up then brought it right back down to the mat. Kang made good use of elbows from top guard to finish the round.

Early takedown from Kang and he immediately starts landing those heavy elbows from inside Shimizu's guard. Kang postured up to deliver big punches. Shimizu overly content to keep his guard closed and unable to reverse or threaten. He finally made a move as Kang postured, but gave up mount in the scramble. Kang locked in an arm triangle to force the quick tap.

Kyung Ho Kang submits (arm triangle) Shunichi Shimizu at 3:53 of round 3

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