UFC 169: Barao vs. Faber - The Cut List

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

A few fighters will need a win to stay in the UFC on Saturday night in Jersey. Who are they?

UFC 169 is just about upon us, and there's an undeniable aura of ignorance surrounding the event thus far. Despite two title fights on the card and a big heavyweight fight, no one's really talking about the show. Even a Dana White media tour isn't doing anything to drum up much interest. It doesn't help that the preliminary card isn't very good either.

Only six fighters on the card are coming off a loss, but that's probably because there are another six that are making their UFC debuts. Four of the former six are on multi-fight losing streaks though, and you know what that means. Danger! Danger!

Okay, enough tomfoolery. Let's get on with it.

Likely to be cut with a loss

Nick Catone - His UFC career has seen some highs and lows. The lowest point was probably his attempted cut to 170, which resulted in a loss and a trip to the hospital before the second bout. He's back at 185 now, but it's pretty obvious that he needs a win to stay around. A loss would be his third in a row and would drop his UFC record to 3-5 overall. He has also pulled out of four fights in four years. Not good.

Neil Magny - He did pick up a solid win in his debut at UFC 157, but has lost two straight since. Another loss, this time to a debuting fighter, will likely mean the door.

Possibly cut with a loss

Alistair Overeem - Normally I wouldn't really see this as a do-or-die situation. He's a top-10 heavyweight that got knocked out by two top-ten heavyweights in his last two bouts. That's not really that bad. Even Dana White said it's not necessarily a loser-leaves-town match. But with the amount that Overeem's getting paid and the whole testosterone thing before, I can definitely see him getting the axe if Mir finishes him.

Frank Mir - Mir's in a worse spot than Overeem in my opinion. He has lost three in a row, and was blasted in under two minutes the last time out. He's only 34, but he has a lot of years under his belt. He said he won't retire if he loses, and I can easily see the UFC hanging onto him for another fight. But there's also the chance that they just move on and release the former champ.

John Lineker - Once again, the only reason he's here is because of his weight issues. Obviously he's a top-caliber flyweight and he might earn a title shot with this win. But if he doesn't make weight, that'd be four times now. And that could definitely mean that they kick him out of the organization.

Tom Watson - His fight with Nedkov was fun, but he has lost his other two outings and was easily handled by Thales Leites. They like having UK fighters around so I wouldn't be surprised if he got another shot on the Euro tour this summer, but they could cut ties with him if he gets finished by Catone.

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