Who Should Fight Who? UFC 168 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.


Weidman should fight Belfort - Reason: Chris Weidman looked great. He dominated that first round. He rocked Silva and then beat him up on the ground for the remainder of the round. Round two starts and the fight remains standing then Silva threw a leg kick and his leg split in two. Chris won by TKO and I'm not going to say this wasn't a real win because it was. Weidman broke Silva's leg by checking the kick but it doesn't feel like Silva lost that fight. Weidman won though, props to him. Hes going to be fighting the very dangerous Vitor Belfort next and I can't wait for that. Its going to be awesome. It is supposed to happen in Las Vegas. I think Weidman wins the fight no matter where the fight takes place but Vitor Belfort absolutely has a better chance of winning in Brazil where he can shoot steroids into his eyeballs. So if you're a Vitor fan you have to be disappointed that the fight will most likely take place in Las Vegas. Its going to be a great fight.


Silva is going to be out for a while. That was one of the saddest things I've seen happen in the cage. To watch Silva fall down and grab his leg, it was heartbreaking. He's going to be out for a while. They say he'll be able to train again in 6-9 months. So if hes going to fight again it'll be at least a year until we see him in the Octagon again. He lost that first round, got rocked but recovered and then spent the rest of the round on his back. Silva was getting loose in the beginning of that second round, he threw a hard leg kick, Weidman checked it and Silva's leg split in two. It was brutal and it was the worst way Silva could have lost that fight. I hope this wasn't the last time we see him fight. I believe he'll be able to come back and fight again if he chooses to and I believe hes still one of the best fighters on the planet. I don't want to see him fight Weidman again though. If he comes back I'd like to see him just take some fun fights.


Rousey should fight McMann - Reason: Rousey looked good but Tate made her look very beatable in that fight. She should have been able to finish Tate in the first round like all of her other opponents but she couldn't get it done. It took her 10+ minutes to finally armbar the sexiest chick in the 135lb division. I wasn't that impressed. I expect more from the Champion and I hope she wows me in her next fight. She'll be fighting Sara McMann next. Olympian vs Olympian, The UFC has been dying to put this fight together and they're finally doing it. I didn't want to see McMann get this title fight this soon. I wanted to see her get one or two more fights in before she faced Rousey but thats not going to happen. I think its going to be a fun fight and I hope McMann grinds Rousey out. Shes by far the most hated fighter in the UFC and probably in the entire sport. Shes classless, her personality sucks and shes not as hot as the UFC makes her out to be. If you dislike her as much as I do then you know exactly who I want to see her fight. Cyborg. She is the true #1 female fighter in the world. Ronda Rousey is the second best female fighter in the world. We will probably never get to see these two square off and that really saddens me.


Tate should fight Carmouche - Reason: I was very impressed with Miesha Tate. She made it past the first round and she made it a fight. She landed some nice punches and she even took Rousey down a couple times. She survived multiple submissions attempts before ultimately tapping out in the third round. Tate's stock has gone way up in my eyes. I was more impressed with Tate losing than I was with Rousey winning. I'm exciting to see her next fight. I'd like to see her face Liz Carmouche next. I like this fight a lot. I have Tate and Carmouche ranked at #6 and #7 in my ranking, they've have both lost to Ronda Rousey by armbar and they are two of the biggest names in the 135lb division. This fight makes a ton of sense and I hope it happens. Tate could also fight Sarah Kaufman or Germaine de Randamie.


Browne should fight Werdum - Reason: Travis Browne is a scary man. Once again I counted him out, I thought Barnett would easily drag him to the mat and submit him. Not even close. Barnett couldn't even take him down. Browne's TDD really impressed me. I have to think Browne is the most underrated fighter in the HW division if not the entire UFC roster. I never used to count him out but since the Bigfoot loss and the guys hes been fighting its been hard not to count him out. Never again though. This guy can knock anyone out. Hes never out of a fight. Browne looked great, stuffed every takedown, landed a solid knee to Barnett's chin and then bashed his head in with about 6 vicious elbows. This is the second time that hes knocked someone out like that. Guys need to quit putting their heads on Browne's hip, it won't end well for you. Browne will be fighting Fabricio Werdum next. This will be for the #1 contender spot and its going to be a great fight.

Barnett should fight Nogueira - Reason: Josh Barnett looked like absolute garbage. He couldn't get Browne down and then he got his brains scrambled by Browne's terrifying elbows. It was a bad night for him. He is one of the most experienced and skilled fighters in the world and I expect him to bounce back from this. I'd like to see him face Antonio Rogrigo Nogueira next. This would be a rubber match, Barnett and Big Nog fought twice in PRIDE and a lot of people have wanted to see the rubber match for many years. I think its finally time we see it. I believe it would be a fantastic fight and I hope it happens. Barnett could also fight Roy Nelson or Stefan Struve.


Miller should fight Johnson - Reason: Jim Miller looked great. I thought he'd come out and prove that hes still one of the best guys in the division and thats exactly what he did. It was a great performance. I'd like to see Miller fight Michael Johnson next. Michael Johnson is in need of a step up in competition and Jim Miller is just that. I like this fight for a number of reasons, its a step up for Johnson, its a interesting fight stylistically and I think it'd be a very fun fight. Miller could also fight Edson Barboza or The Winner of Cerrone vs Martins.

Camoes should fight Forte - Reason: Camoes got caught. It was a slick armbar, it happens. I believe Camoes will get another fight in the UFC. This was his first fight in a while, last time we saw him he lost to Melvin Guillard. No shame in losing to Guillard or Miller. Thats why I think he'll be back, hes been facing top guys. I'd like to see him face someone ranked much lower than Jim Miller. I'd like to see Camoes fight Renee Forte next. I like this fight a lot, I think it makes a lot of sense to me. I have them ranked within ten spots of each other and I think it'd be a great fight. Camoes could also fight Jon Tuck or Justin Salas.


Poirier should fight Siver - Reason: Dustin Poirier showed what was up at UFC 168. He messed Diego Brandao up. It was awesome. He beat the crap out of him and it was really impressive. He wants to get a rematch with Cub Swanson but thats not going to happen next. Perhaps after a fight or two. I'd like to see Poirier fight Dennis Siver next. This fight makes a ton of sense. You got two Top 10 guys on coming off wins on the same card. Not to mention this fight has the potential to be an all out stand up war. A total BANGFEST. There is no chance of this fight being boring and I really hope it happens. Poirier could also fight Conor McGregor or Dennis Bermudez.

Brandao should fight Koch - Reason: Diego Brandao just got his ass whooped. He looked terrible and in my opinion his stock is way down. I'd like to see him face the another guy Poirier beat up, Erik Koch. I love this fight. It makes sense ranking wise and it has the potential to be a FOTN. I just see these two punching each other in the face for 15 minutes. I hope they make this fight. Brandao could also fight Rani Yahya or Manny Gamburyan.


Hall should fight Lawlor - Reason: Uriah looked great. He was supposed to, this fight was made to showcase his skills and he showed some of them. He landed a great knee right of that bat which dropped Leben. Then at the end of the first round he landed a hard right hand that put Leben down again which ended up winning him the fight. Leben quit in between rounds, he was concussed and he knew he was done. It was a solid performance from Hall and I think he'll have a little less pressure on him for his next fight. I'd like to see Hall face Tom Lawlor next. I like this fight. It makes sense ranking wise and I think Lawlor's a good test for Hall. Hall could also fight Cezar Ferreira or Caio Magalhaes.

Leben should retire. Chris Leben has had an amazing career but its probably time to hang em up. He can't take the same punishment that he used anymore and he hasn't looked good since 2011. Its time to retire. He'll always be a part of the UFC and I'm pretty sure Dana will give him a job to keep him involved in the organization.


Johnson should fight Miller - Reason: Michael Johnson looked incredible in that fight. Gleison Tibau is a tough tough dude and Johnson put him out. It was a great performance. I'd like to see Johnson fight Jim Miller next. I think its the right fight for Johnson. Its a step up in competition and I think it'd be a great scrap. Johnson could also fight Nate Diaz or Edson Barboza.

Tibau should fight Healy - Reason: Tibau looked alright in the first round but he got shut off in the second round. Tibau's a solid vet and I expect him to bounce back from this. I'd like to see him face Pat Healy next. I like this fight a lot. This fight makes sense to me ranking wise, they have similar styles and I think its an interesting fight. Tibau could also fight Gray Maynard or Danny Castillo.


Siver should fight Poirier - Reason: Siver looked alright. I was expecting him to kick the crap out of Manny but he didn't. He did basically just enough to win. I was disappointed. I'd like to see him face Dustin Poirier next. I love this fight. Siver would have to give everything he has to beat Poirier. Poirier would bring the fight to him and I think it'd be a war. Siver could also fight Conor McGregor or Dennis Bermudez.

Gamburyan should fight Jason - Reason: Gamburyan didn't look that bad. I think Gamburyan's terrible but he did a decent job against a Top 10 guy. I'd like to see Gamburyan fight Rony Jason next. I like this fight, it makes sense ranking wise and it would be a fun fight. Also I want to see Gamburyan get destroyed by someone soon and Jason has the tools to do it. Gamburyan could also fight Steven Siler or Diego Brandao.


Howard should fight Patolino - Reason: John Howard looked good. He controlled Siyar for most of the fight and he deserved to win. I'd like to see him face William Patolino next. This fight makes sense Ranking wise and I think it'd be a great fight. Patolino needs a step up in competition and I think Howard is a step up. I hope this fight happens. Howard could also fight Ryan LaFlare or Brandon Thatch.

Bahadurzada should fight Mein - Reason: Siyar fought hard but he wasn't able to do much of anything once the fight hit the mat. I'd like to see him face Jordan Mein next. I really hope this fight happens. This fight makes a lot of sense ranking wise and stylistically. I think it'd be a stand up war. Bahadurzada could also fight James Head or Court McGee.


Patolino should fight Howard - Reason: Patolino looked phenomenal. He picked Voelker apart for 15 minutes. It was brutal and beautiful at the same time. I was blown away by Patolino. He looked awesome. I'd like to see him face John Howard next. I think its the step up in competition Patolino needs and I think it'd be a fun scrap. Patolino could also fight Ryan LaFlare or Brandon Thatch.

Voelker should fight Robertson - Reason: Voelker is tough as they come. He was getting battered and he never stopped fighting. He never gave up and I was very happy to hear Dana White say that hes not going to be cut. The dude is always down for a brawl and thats what the fans love. I'd like to see him face someone who isn't a great striker next. I'd like to see him face Kenny Robertson next. This fight makes sense ranking wise and I think its a great change of pace style wise for Voelker. I think it'd be a good fight. Voelker could also fight Anthony Lapsley or Paulo Thiago.


Peralta should fight Fili - Reason: I love Robbie Peralta. The dude loses the first two rounds, he needs to finish the fight in the third round. He comes out in round three, touches gloves and then starts swinging like a madman. Just straight up swarmed on Payan. It was a thing of beauty. You want to see every guy who needs a finish try to do what Peralta did. Not many do, Peralta took a chance and finished the fight. I love it! I'd like to see Peralta fight Andre Fili next. I like this fight a lot. It makes sense ranking wise and I think it'd be a very fun fight. Peralta could also fight Edmilson Souza or Jimy Hettes.

Payan should fight Clopton - Reason: Payan looked good in the first two rounds but then he got knocked out. I do think he'll be back though. I'd like to see him face Josh Clopton next. I like this fight, it makes sense ranking wise. I hope it happens. Payan could also fight Milton Vieira or Marcus Brimage.

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Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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