MMA on Instagram: 12/28/13 - 1/3/14

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Happy New Year!!! We're pretty overloaded with Instagram pics and videos this week due to the New Year, UFC 168 and Mark Hunt. Don't be overwhelmed - we can do this! If you want to, you can follow me on Instagram at TheOGKatGirl. I post mostly dog pics, drink pics and food pics. Enjoy!

Chris Weidman Plays at a Pretty Cool Blackjack Table: "Not gonna lie. Pretty cool playing black jack on myself!"

Anderson Silva Checked out Boyz II Men after Weigh-Ins Friday Night: "Today I lived an unforgettable moment. I went to see BOYS II MEN, a group I grew up listening to in Brasil. They're an example of what it is to be good at something you do well and with love. I am a big fan. Thank you."

Of course, he ate something first. I don't think that's Burger King.: "Thanks God, this is a Happy Time #adayinthelife #gospider"

And, Silva's recovery is in progress!: "I want to say thank you to all my fans and friends to support me at this moment,I wish a great and happy 2014 to all. thank you."

Ronda Rousey, the morning after: "This morning #unscathed"

Pascal Krauss gets an eye exam and I thought it was funny: "Augen Untersuchung für #Ufconfox10 #HinterBlauenAugen #DerWolfUndDie7Geißlein"

Luke Rockhold's Gnarly Feet. How can he fight like this? I'd probably have to take a week off work if my feet looked like that.: "Bad sparring day for my feet. Won't be getting any pedicures any time soon. 😢"

A Tale of Two Glovers: "She is so happy now bc she have 2 glovers lol @lovelyleilaaa"

Lyoto Machida does some paddle boarding: "I paddled today n it was wonderful!!Hoje foi legal remar um pouco!!"

Fabricio Werdum reminds us that he loves Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: "Te quiero @minotauromma !! Hahahahahahahaha! Brincadeira so para descontrair! Hahahahaha"

I think Felice Herrig went out Friday night: "Saturday morning #bedheadpic * Looks like somebody didn't do a very good job at taking her mascara off last night *"

Nick Diaz posted a sand face: "#sand"

Tony Ferguson has some new shorts!: "They're great!!!! #Tonythetiger!!! Thanks for the great gift! #boxers or #briefs!!! @thelmalilo Love ya guys! @xtfergie"

Andre Fili is doing some studying: "Just a day in the life. #kamasutra #studytime #sexgoddess @torque1_net @teamalphamale"

Caio Magalhaes is at the beach: "Praia do madeira. Pipa."

Josh Koscheck is Skiing in Vail: "Great day in #Vail"

Rousimar Palhares gets some fishing in: "Nada melhor que visitar minha família em Minas, descansar na beira do rio e pescar!!! Every time I come to visit my family, I can rest on a river and fish!!!"

Shayna Baszler at wrestling practice:

Renato Laranja hangs out with Fabio for NYE: "Fabio gots my back this New Years."

Mike Tyson's Edible Ears: "Happy New Ears!!!"

Antonio Silva went to Disneyland!: "Fun day with my parents at Disney World... Belo dia com meus pais @lourdesmaria39 e Antonio Silva "pai".."

Mark Hunt Videos!!! (There are a lot of them but they're only a few seconds so here they ALL are):

Family Pics!

Mark Munoz is traveling with his son: "Me and my son @treymunoz headed on a trip! Spending some quality time! @kristi_munoz"

Eddie Bravo's son likes to jump: "My baby boy jumps for joy"

Rashad Evans's Adorable Children: "My three favorite ppl in the world! They are nonstop laughter! Look at 5yr old doing duck lips!smh lol She is the ring leader for the foolishness!"

Lil Duane Ludwig hits mitts:

Pet Pics!

Savannah Cat:

It was a happy Christmas for Chad Mendes's dog: "He was as excited as lil kid on Christmas waiting to open his gifts! #mackonchristmasday #sogoodbro #pro #ithinkheshuman"

One of Alexander Gustaffson's dogs: "♡♡♡"

And here Gus gets a kiss from his other dog: "Goodmorning!"

Josh Thompson has a cute dog!: "How do you tell him no? #lab #mansbestfriend #myboys"

One of Duke Roufus's French Bulldogs: "Our #momma #frenchbulldog Stella #doglover"

Rick Hawn's Family Photo: "Family photos! @lilbadassjack"

Rener Gracie's New Puppy!: "VIDEO: The Earlobe Assassin has arrived and he's vicious! (All jokes aside, his little teeth hurt!) #Tioki"

Erin McDougall and Miss Gracie: "Im sitting on the floor, in front of the couch... Miss Gracie, on the other hand, is ON the couch... And resting her sweet little head on my shoulder. Lol so cute ❤️❤️ #PuppyLove #DivaDog"

The Lone Food Pic, courtesy of UFC Middleweight Champion, Chris Weidman, and his lovely wife, Marivi: "Cooked me up some lobster ravioli. Thanks to coach @mrsweidman !! #blizzardfood"

Fight Style!

New Roufusport Beanies and T-shirts! I quite like them. I don't see them on there yet but you can probably buy them at the Roufusport website soon.

Josh Thomson's Walkout shirt for UFC on Fox 10 on January 25:

Felice Herrig's New Invicta Action Figure: "Well this is pretty cool .. My own action figure.. I think they need to work on the face a lil more though"

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