Jessica Aguilar: I Am The Number One Strawweight In The World

Before Jessica Aguilar's WSOF debut, she had some choice and strong words for her fellow strawweights.

Jessica Aguilar, fresh off a dominating, easy, and quick first round arm-triangle submission of Alida Gray, had some strong words to her strawweight contenders. Despite the UFC crowning a strawweight champion this year with most of the top strawweight talent in the world, Aguilar maintains she is number one.

Via Guilherme Cruz

"I don’t think I am the best, I am the best," she said. "I beat the best in the world. [Carla Esparza] can have the No. 2 spot, she can have her UFC belt, whatever she wants. I don’t even think she’s going to get it, I think Claudia (Gadelha) is going to beat her, but that’s another conversation. I don’t think I am the best, I am the best.

Considering how close Aguilar's fight with Esparza was, and not to mention all of her recent fights (Fujii, Vidonic come to mind), I am of the opinion that Aguilar's opinion is ridiculous.

"I’m very humble, but I think I need to start talking the truth. I put a lot of hard work and dedicate a lot of time to be where I am today. This is my title. I am the No. 1 strawweight in the world. It doesn’t matter if someone has the UFC belt, but they don’t have the best in the world. The best in the world right now is with WSOF."

Honestly, Aguilar is the best in the world based on technicality. Her reign as the "#1 strawweight" is similar to Ben Henderson's reign as the "#1 lightweight".

Later, in the future, when I win more fights, we’ll see what happens. But now I’m very happy with the WSOF, and very happy for those that the UFC has given an opportunity. It’s a great thing. But I’m going to continue winning and proving why I’m the No. 1 strawweight in the world and then we’ll see what happens.

Unless the winner of TUF is Carla Esparza, I think it will be very difficult not to rank the winner as the #1 in the world. Aguilar fighting fringe top 10/top 15 girls is better than nothing, but if she wants to keep that #1 spot, she best come to UFC by years end. Hell, she might just be usurped by a girl she trains with and corners, Tecia Tiny Tornado Torres.

But, I'm not all doom and gloom. I have to give Aguilar props. She said "I do feel this one is my time to come back with my submission work and get my first world title. I’m going to bring my jiu-jitsu back and give everybody a good fight." and she did just that.

TUF:Strawweights is slated to begin taping on May 18th

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