Lorenzo Fertita: Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort will be in Las Vegas, NV in May or July

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The UFC co-owner announces the promotion's intention to hold the next middleweight title fight in Vegas.

It took no time at all for Chris Weidman to know who his next contender would be after breaking Anderson Silva leg in their Middleweight championship rematch at UFC 168. At the post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White confirmed earlier reports that Vitor Belfort would get the next crack at the title.

Following the first report from Dana earlier in the year, the UFC took some criticism because of Belfort's history with TRT. Belfort has been getting exemptions for the treatment while competing almost exclusively under the supervision of new CABMMA commission in Brazil. Many fans question the diligence of the commission in supervising Belfort's treatment and believe he shouldn't be allowed to fight for the title under those conditions.

On Thursday, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta told ESPN.com that they're planning to hold the fight in Las Vegas, NV around mid-year:

"Depending on Chris Weidman, I'd like to do Vegas [in] May or July," Fertitta said.

Assuming the match does get held in Nevada, the booking holds some interesting questions for Belfort. First, will he be granted an exemption to use TRT? Commission director Keith Kizer has said in the past that he doesn't think that'd be likely, but that doesn't guarantee he'd be refused. They could grant him one dependent on additional testing like they did for Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne at UFC 168 (neither was using TRT, the testing was for Barnett's PED past).

Belfort has stated that if he was not granted an exemption he'd be willing to fight for the title without TRT, but that it wouldn't be "fair".

Weidman has not addressed whether or not Belfort's use of supplementary testosterone concerns him heading into the fight. But his coach Ray Longo gave his view to ESPN:

"I know Chris is beating the guy but why give him an advantage?" Longo said. "Why does he deserve that? All he did was abuse his body with steroids so that now he needs the exemption. It's bull----."

Looking at the UFC's schedule, the fight will take place at UFC 173 for the Memorial Day weekend show if it's in May. If not it'll be at UFC 175 in July. Historically, both of these shows are the UFC's big summer events.

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