Rousey - Tate Striking Exchanges - GIFS

I just wanted to focus on the standup, so I omitted the multitude of clinch and ground strikes. Most of the gifs are a bit slower than real time.

Miesha actually side-steps that first cross that Ronda throws. Ronda lands two nice jabs and a boob uppercut, and Miesha catches her with a right hook. Then Miesha lands a good left hook to the ear at the same time as Ronda throws a grazing cross.

Miesha throws an uppercut (not sure where it lands) and follows it up with a left hook and a lunging jab. They both throw and land hard chin shots simultaneously. Ronda fakes a td and then lands a straight right. Miesha pops her with two hard jabs, and then clobbers her with two overhand rights.

Ronda throws a kick that catches Miesha on the elbow. Miesha trundles forward and lands another hard overhand right to the temple.

May be in the "clinch" category, but Ronda smashes Miesha in the side of the head with an elbow, and lands 3 more punches that don't have much on them as she backs away.

Ronda sticks her with a hard right to the jaw. Miesha lands a left hook behind Ronda's ear, and then later, her own boob punch before they clinch.

Another Ronda head kick that catches the elbow. Ronda pops her with a jab and Miesha counters with a good left hook. Miesha may have landed a jab, but the angle was bad. Ronda throws a jab that grazes Miesha's head as she goes for the TD.

Ronda comes forward and Miesha counters her jab with a nice left hook right on the chin that causes Ronda's follow-up left hook to be more of a push. Ronda's jab to set up the takedown doesn't seem to connect.

Ronda clips Miesha hard on the jaw with the cross. Nothing else lands.

Superficial Conclusions

Miesha landed more hard shots. She looked improved, using her jab and left hook to good effect instead of just charging forward spamming 1-2's.

Ronda was obviously better than in previous outings. While a lot of her exchanges still seem designed to close the distance (which should be taken into account, and may explain why some of her punches seem reaching), she's not just pumping the jab, and she's using her strikes to open up opportunities for different types of takedowns. She's got a nice sharp jab and cross, the latter of which she used to try and spear Miesha at the start of every round. She utilized kicks a couple of times, but they seemed perfunctory. I'd love to see her develop a leg kicking game. With her hips, she'd kick hard as hell, and with her base and ground game, getting taken down from a kick shouldn't be too much of a concern against most opponents. We also got the answer to the "what happens if she gets hit?!?!" question. She can take a shot. She took a few flush punches to the chin and temple and shrugged them off pretty well. Several hard shots she threw just missed the mark, and after this experience, I'm sure there will be improvement in that area. Relative to what we've seen from her previously, I was impressed.

Defensively... not touching that.

So folks, what are your thoughts? Pros and cons? Does this change your perspective on how well they acquitted themselves on the feet?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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