Fight Recommendation - UFN 35: Rockhold vs. Philippou

Stepping away from WMMA for a dozen hundred words or so

I hate intros.

I know it's getting harder and harder to watch all UFC fights, so I'll just sort things out a little. I know I've been skipping a lot of prelims and even some main card fights if I find out who won and don't catch it live or the fight doesn't really resonate with me. But I'm gonna try and get my money's worth with UFC Fight Pass and catch as many fights as possible......................................

Fights I would recommend you watch as soon as possible if you have not...

1. Louis Smolka vs. Alptekin Ozkilic

  • Absolutely love it when a figher I have no clue about, comes on and impresses me. Most definitely the pleasant surprise of the night
  • Two very talented fighters. I'm interested to seeing both in the future, but Smolka is the one that made this a fight, and Ozkilic probably has a "I'll keep trying to win as long as I'm awake" mentality.
  • I'm very picky. Guys like Chris Cariaso, Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson, I just find very aesthetically displeasing to watch. They just seem disproportional to me, and I find myself not enjoying their fights too much.
  • The flyweights started with a lot of Johnson and Benavidez (Ian McCall is another), and I was one of the biggest con-flyweight (is that even the right word, what's the opposite of saying I'm pro-something?) people. And I know that's something so damn childish to dislike something about, but that's how I felt, unfortunately.
  • Thankfully, there's been a decent number of flyweights that I've enjoyed watching and I am officially a fan and supporter of the flyweight division now.

2. Yoel Romero vs. Derek Brunson

  • SOLDIER OF GOD. Awesome nickname.

  • Romero_smiling_mediumi love this guy so much, that smile after eviscerating Derek Brunson... the look on Greg Jackson's face. He has that "I enjoy life" vibe.
  • Tough fight for Romero. I think it's becoming clear that Romero's straight wrestling transition to MMA wrestling is similar to Mark Munoz. Meaning it sucks.
  • I love these physically gifted guys (naturally he's just a better athlete than the layman) and I really admire what someone like Romero can do.
  • His striking IIRC was non-existent against Feijao Calvacante in Strikeforce, but now he's sway, using head movement... his timing is pretty nice. He's got a right upper-cut, a tricky looping left hook and just a natural feel to his striking. Still needs work, but great progress for a 36 THIRTY SIX year old.
  • On first watch I thought Brunson had a hold of a single leg, but on the 2nd watch he was in the fetal position covering up. Ref should have stepped in after the 3rd or 4th elbow to the body.
  • And how fucking retarded is that 12-6 rule? Christ.

3. Beneil Dariush vs. Charlie Brennenman

  • Absolute zero respect for Brennenman's style of fighting he used in the UFC. Everytime he got finished, dropped or submitted, I cheered. But, today I felt bad. Right after having to reluctantly tap out... I could see and feel the disappointment in Brennenman. And if that feeling sucked for me, I don't wanna imagine what he's feeling
  • And despite that Brennenman isn't UFC calibre. He beat Rick Story. Great. Highlight of his career, but other than being a highlight on someone else's record, when he wins, he turns more fans away from the sport, then to. And I can't support any fighter that does that.
  • Dariush love how soft spoken, and kind of awkward he was during the interview. Seems like a good guy. New fan here. Side note is he Beneil a Jewish name?

4. TJ Dillashaw is an animal

  • Other than Dodson, he is the most talented fighter to come out of TUF in a very long time. I'd actually love to see Dodson come back up to 135 and rematch Dillashaw.
  • Every one above him is coming off a loss, but Wineland, Pickett, McDonald all have fireworks written all over them. Maybe a fight with Mizugaki. But I think it's time he faced one of the elite's of bantamweight.

5. Costas Philippou is so damn overrated

  • He got his ranking from Tim Boetsch's come from behind KO of Okami. This was like when Munoz beat Maia and all of a sudden was a "top 5 middleweight".
  • Luke Rockhold showed that he's on a whole other level, and putting him in the same Octagon as Philippou was a disservice to his skills. Getting spinning back kick KO'd in 1 round can do that, but Rockhold is a top guy.
  • I'd confidently pick him to beat Bisping, Belcher, Munoz and a host of other UFC middleweights not named Belfort or Weidman.
  • Depends how the UFC wants to build up Rockhold. I'd say he's at least two more great performances away from a #1 contenders fight.
  • Absolutely love the soccer kick to the body when Philippou went down. It wasn't needed, but glad to see Rockhold employ it. This is only the 2nd time I've seen someone use it within the unified rules. Robbie Lawler against Scott Smith was the other time.

6. Cole Miller vs. Sam Sicilia

  • Cole Miller shows up tonight. And when he does, you'll usually see his opponent get dropped, and submitted
  • I would cut Sicilia


  • I was relieved that Moraga was given the nod
  • Moraga without a doubt did more damage, and the style Ortiz used is just terrible for MMA, IN MY OPINION.
  • Moraga needs to constantly move his feet. He was so effective in round 2, then in round 3 he was more flat footed again. And he get's taken down way to easily.
  • Nijem has improved a lot. He's still awkward as hell to watch, and not in a Keith Jardine way, like in a "he doesn't train the technique properly, but still tries to execute it" way. He had a decent fight. A lot more measured.
  • Seriously though... this is when Nijem should have signed to the UFC if it wasn't for the Ultimate Fighter... ugh.
  • Tavares don't care. Larkin no idea what he was doing. The crazy thing is I think that Tavares could keep beating guys the way he does. Very underwhelming.
  • Still don't really care about Silverio or Vallie-Flagg.
  • Or Vinc Pichel. I'm kind of shocked Whitely was undefeated with all finishes before signing with the UFC. Just imagining the regional competition is painful.
  • And the award for worst fight of the night goes to B-Hue and Trevor Smith.

A decent fight night, mixed with relevant fights, exciting fights and some just god awful ones with fighters I don't think anyone cares about.
If you liked this. Let me know. I'll probably do this after each event from now on anyways. But any attention is good attention. I like it, I like it.

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