UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs. Philippou Care/Don't Care Preview

Eugene and Nate look ahead to UFC Rockhold vs. Philippou and talk about a whole bunch of unrelated stuff too. Might be their best one yet.

Another installment of the infamous and patened Care/Don't Care UFC Preview has arrived. Eugene S. Robinson, author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking, is Kid Nate's counterpart for this edition.

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Please note that the "care/don't care preview" is in no way intended to disrespect the fighters in question and is merely our attempt to evaluate the marketing efforts on behalf of said fighters by the UFC and their management.

Today Kid Nate and Eugene discuss:

  • The magic that was UFC Fight Night 34: Saffidene vs. Lim
  • Kikuno, Kawajiri, Lim and the desperate need to get TRT going in Asia
  • A long accidental digression about Anderson Silva that Eugene almost snuck past Nate
  • Invocations of the new Donna Shalala rule to avoid repeated anecdotes by both Nate and Eugene
  • Kitten Natividad's horrible grifting manager, I mean suitcase pimp
  • Former Fight Night headliner Charlie Brenneman's return...the the bottom of the UFC Fight Pass card
  • Nate going on about Cole Miller's chance to avenge his brother against Sam Sicilia. Who's actually never fought Micah Miller and Eugene didn't catch it. This is truly the essence of the Care/Don't Care Preview.
  • Is Nate really a cracker?
  • Is Yoel Romero a GICT? (Guy I Can't Trust)
  • Mike Easton, talented, nice guy - definitely a GICT and Lloyd Irvin loyalist
  • Can Brad Tavares mug and hug Lorenz Larkin like Francis Carmont did?
  • Luke Rockhold's lack of confidence
  • Consta Philippou's name (the worst in MMA blogging history) and his run at Chuck Liddell's status as the best "inadvertant" eye poker in the UFC

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