Chael Sonnen talks about getting punched by a woman and how bad Rashad Evans is at tipping

Chael Sonnen recently appeared on Keepin' it Real with Mike Hill and had a couple of great stories about one of his few bad fan interactions and why you shouldn't wait tables for Rashad Evans.

Chael Sonnen went on Fox Sports 1 talk show Keepin' it Real with Mike Hill to share a couple of stories. The first was about one of his worst fan interactions, in which he got blindsided by a man in a bar, who ended up being a woman. The second was all about how terrible Rashad Evans is at tipping. Watch the video above, or check out the transcript of the second half, below.

So, we have this meal at Bolo, which is a very nice restaurant, and in addition to the meal we were there for four hours. Now I think that matters in tipping, some people like to go on 15 or 18, 20% scale, I think time matters. If I go sit there and I have coffee at a restaurant and I just don't order anything, but I take up that waitress's booth, she's getting paid. She'll get an 800% tip, I gotta pay for my time there.

So, the 4 hours all sorted, we have a $700 tab, guy named Andy DeBartolo, used to be the GM for the 49ers, knows Glazer, we're having... Jay Glazier is with us. When we go to leave, he picks up the tab, the tab's covered.

I've never had this happen, none of us. So, we get up and leave and we're guessing, "Man that was about $700 he just covered." We get outside and we're waiting for the valet to pull up, Rashad had driven, that comes in later in the story. So, Glazer goes, "Hey did anybody leave a tip?" I'm like, "I did not, I just assumed that was part of it." He's like, "Ah, I don't know the etiquette on this, I've never had anybody buy me dinner. Let's run in and leave a tip."

Rashad speaks up and goes, "I got it." And he's peacocking, you know, he's walking in there. He's got a little extra bounce in his step. He comes out and we said, "How much did you leave?" To which he proudly announces, "20 bucks."

Oh, we're just going, "You gotta be kidding." And we're laughing. He doesn't know why we're laughing and he doesn't understand. Now, this guy's from Chicago, there's taxis; everything you do in Chicago involves a tip when you're ina big city like that. He acts like he doesn't understand the tipping process, like the architecture of tipping in America.

So, Jay and I are Laughing so hard. As we're laughing they pull the car up, to which I get in, they open the door. Rashad gets in, the guy stands there waiting for the tip on the car and Rashad sits there, staring at him. Eventually, the guy shuts the door and Rashad pulls away and at this point, I'm in the back seat just hiding my face as well as laughing at him out of just being uncomfortable.

So, yes, he is a pretty bad tipper, but he thinks he's good. He grew two inches when he, "20 bucks."

Seriously Rashad, twenty dollars on a seven hundred dollar meal... Although I'm not hearing anything about Sonnen pitching in there, so he's not doing himself any favors either. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news, updates, technical breakdowns, and fight announcements as well as all your MMA video needs.

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