Mitchell vs. Arreola preview and prediction: Who is the next great American Heavyweight?

Kevork Djansezian

Tonight is Seth Mitchell vs. Chris Arreola on Showtime Boxing. Is this a battle for the elusive next great American Heavyweight? Or simply a battle between two men desperate to stay afloat in the division? Fraser Coffeen breaks it down.

Saturday September 7, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Seth Mitchell vs. Chris Arreola, live on Showtime. Showtime Boxing Mitchell vs. Arreola airs this Saturday, September 7 live on Showtime with a fight time of 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

It's a narrative that has been told time and time again in the last decade of boxing - the quest for the great American Heavyweight. Long gone are the days of Ali, Foreman, and Frazier. Long gone are even the days of Tyson and Holyfield. For years now we have been living in a time where America is not even a blip on the radar of boxing Heavyweights. And yet, we are always on the hunt for someone to bring that title back home.

Tonight's Showtime clash is, on paper, a battle to see who could be the next great American Heavyweight. The key there? "On paper". Because while both Seth Mitchell and Chris Arreola have a lot of strong tools at their disposal, and while both have been seen as perhaps the next big thing in the US Heavyweight scene at times, at this point in their careers, the story of both men is more clear, and sadly, neither story ends in a US return to Heavyweight glory.

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The veteran of the two, Arreola has had big highs in his career, sparked mainly by his KO power and his will inside the ring. But for those pluses, there are the huge negatives - issues with weight control, and serious questions of his motivation in the training camp. He's coming off a loss to Bermane Stiverne where the underdog Stiverne took full advantage of those weaknesses. With Arreola, there's always the question of "If". "If" he is motivated, "If" he comes in at a low weight. But 10 years into his pro career, it's time to accept the reality of the Chris Arreola in front of us, not the Chris Arreola we hope to see.

Mitchell is in a similar position, though for different reasons. The former football player had a fast run up the ranks in boxing and was quickly heralded as a future superstar. He too has KO power which he combines with the athleticism of his football career. But his negatives are just as pronounced as Arreola's - a propensity for getting hit, a questionable chin, and, so far at least, an inability to pull the trigger after being hurt. His pair of fights with Johnathon Banks spoke volumes about Mitchell, showing us that unless something radical changes, he is pretty much at his ceiling. And when you are already in your 30's and didn't take up boxing until your 20's, the chances of that radical change coming are slim.

So will tonight's battle determine the next great American Heavyweight? Probably not. What it may determine is a potential future opponent for Deontay Wilder, and while Wilder may not be fully tested yet, if there is a current Heavyweight out there who could pick up that mantle, it's him. We'll see if Wilder makes an appearance tonight.

In that case, what are Mitchell and Arreola fighting for tonight? Relevance. Neither man is at a career high right now, and both need the win badly. For Arreola, the key to that win will be his power. If he connects early against the weak-chinned Mitchell, he can end this fight in the first handful of rounds. But if Mitchell can avoid those early shots, stay outside and outbox Arreola as Stiverne did, he has a shot at dragging this out to a decision. Arreola KO is the obvious, safe pick here, but I think Mitchell makes it ugly and earns the win - though he may not earn any fans along the way.

Prediction: Seth Mitchell by UD

Join us tonight for Showtime Boxing Mitchell vs. Arreola results, discussion, and live fight coverage right here at Bloody Elbow.


Seth Mitchell (26-1-1; 19 KO) vs. Chris Arreola (35-3; 30 KO) - Heavyweight

Rafael Marquez (41-8; 37 KO) vs. Efrain Esquivas (16-2; 9 KO) - Featherweight (126 lbs)

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