The Freakshow Returns to Home Soil

It’s been well over a year since one of Britain’s most charismatic and popular fighters fought on home soil.

Since then, he has taken part in ‘The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes’ series down under in Australia, where he overcame two Aussie counterparts, before losing to fellow Brit Norman Parke in the final.

Despite this loss he was given a chance at retribution when he was given a shot against Canadian protégé Mike Ricci at UFC 158 in Montreal but failed to perform at his best and was subsequently cut from the UFC.

But the UFC’s loss is BAMMA’s gain and Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher is back!

Well known to fans worldwide for his somewhat outrageous attire and entrances, fans warmed to Fletcher during his time on the UFC’s reality series for his ability to enjoy himself out of the ring whilst performing at the highest levels in it. He is a true gentleman and a true entertainer.

This was not always the case however, Fletcher has admitted to some behaviour that he isn’t proud of in the past but now keeps his bad behaviour inside the cage, fighting for his families’ security.

Fletcher has said, "I’ve gone back to how I used to train, how I used to prepare and how I used to fight. I changed for my last two fights (which I lost) but I’ve accepted who I am and who I want to be and realised that there was nothing wrong with that."

The Freakshow has now set himself a new goal of becoming the dominant force in the BAMMA lightweight division. In his usual twisted way he has been quoted as saying, "From the darkest recesses of your mind, that place you fear to go is from where I return to BAMMA. For too long now, the Lightweights have been having too much fun while I've been away. It may be fun for you now, but I will become the stuff of nightmares for any opponent that stands in my way. The BAMMA Lightweight title is my mission and nothing will stop me. I am back to declare a new era of The Freakshow on BAMMA."

The man from Sunderland is preparing for his third appearance under the BAMMA banner and looking for his third win.

He made light work of David Round at BAMMA 8; submitting the Welshman after an exciting back and forth first few minutes of round one. At BAMMA 9 he managed to out-strike the striker in Jason Ball winning by unanimous decision after the fight went the distance.

The man looking to inflict Fletcher’s first BAMMA loss is Newport’s Tim ‘Super Human’ Newman, who is currently placed 9th in the British Lightweight rankings; one place above Fletcher. A win against Newman will propel Fletcher back up the ranks amongst the likes of current BAMMA British Lightweight Champion Curt Warburton who also fights at BAMMA 13 for the vacant BAMMA World Lightweight title.

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