Scott Askham – The UK's Next Big Thing?

In Scott Askham, BAMMA has exclusively on its books one of Britain’s most exciting and emerging talents.

Unbeaten in 11 professional bouts, Askham fights at Middleweight and is someone who always gives it everything when he steps inside the cage. A long Middleweight fighter, coming in at 6ft 3inches, the 25 year old from Hemsworth loves throwing knees, punches, kicks, elbows and feels comfortable no matter where the fight goes.

Askham’s introduction to MMA came when he and his father went to watch a friend fight at a local show in Doncaster and he felt the buzz as he watched his friend knock down his opponent with the first kick of the fight and win via first round submission.

He said: "After seeing that I wanted to give it a go. I started training at my local gym, which was basically a Boxing gym in Hemsworth, above a pub, under Dave Radford and it was Dave Radford who told me to eventually go to Doncaster to train in better gyms to learn some Jiu Jitsu. I haven’t lost since so I must be doing something right."

And something right he is doing indeed; his record to date in unblemished and includes a highlight reel, 4 second knockout, dispatching his opponent with a vicious knee.

Only eight weeks prior to his World Middleweight Title bout which is fast approaching and scheduled for BAMMA 13, Askham fought Jack Marshman, beating the battle hardened Welshman via a unanimous decision.

Speaking of his training since the Marshman fight Askham said: "It’s been going really well. It’s only been 6 weeks since that fight (with Marshman) and I came out injury free so I had a week’s active rest and came straight back into it."

His opponent at BAMMA 13 will be Jorge 'Michelan' Bezerra. The Brazilian has a reputation for submitting his opponents winning 16 of 18 fights in this fashion.

Askham said: "I know he’s Brazilian and a BJJ Black Belt and that he is good at leg locks but it’s not style versus style anymore. It’s MMA so you’ve got to be good everywhere.’

‘I have focussed slightly more on submission defence and on my wrestling as I hope not to get taken down there but then again I’ve got to keep my striking sharp so as I say I’m continually working to improve myself in all aspects of MMA."

Not counting his chickens, Askham has declared his desire to remain unbeaten, and climb the rankings and become the BAMMA World Middleweight Champion.

"If I win on September 14th, give me anybody. I don’t really care who it’s against. I just want that strap around my waist.

‘It’s not all just about getting the belt; a wins a win but it’s also about staying undefeated for me. The more fights I win, the more opportunities will open and I want to move up the rankings.

‘In terms of opponent I feel like I’m ready for whoever that put in front of me in the future."

Askham will face Bezerra at BAMMA 13 Live from Birmingham UK on 14th September, broadcast on AXS-TV in the United States.

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