World of WMMA: August Recap

World of WMMA: August Recap

This is a recap to my article a month ago

- I have decided to exclude UFC bouts


[Ranking is at time of fight and I use my own]

Fight World Cup 15


Rhiannon Thompson defeats Kenani Mangakahia via TKO at 2:43 round 3 to win the FWC Flyweight title.

Thompson improves to 4-0. Not much has come out about this fight other than being teased and blue balls’d that this was "FOTN" aka Fight of the Night on the Fight World Cup 15 card… sigh. I’ll never understand why promoters don’t do everything they can to get the fights out to the public

PXC 38


Kailin Curran defeats Emi Tomimatsu via unanimous decision

(link to fight here)

Curran defeated the smaller Tomimatsu, using her striking and show adequate takedown defence. I’m pretty sure Tomimatsu doesn’t cut weight, but I hope makes a move down to 105 (she weighed in at 113lbs!). I was really impressed with Tomimatsu’s surprising counter right hand and mixing in strikes with takedowns. Curran got herself in trouble a few times leading off with a right kick from orthodox, and she seems to lack some flexibility in her kicks. Also, unloading with a barrage of punches, but not stepping on an angle at all, staying in once spot. BUT, Curran’s striking is already leaps and bounds better than a lot of "MMA" fighters. I mean how many fighters do see double up on a jab?

Nitrix Champion Fight 15


#15 Kinberly Novaes def. Jessica Suelen by TKO (retirement) 5:00 round 2

A much closer fight than I expected. Novaes leaves herself wide open for counters with wide Wanderlei-like hooks. Surprisingly Suelen had a decent counter game, but was overwhelmed in the end.

Here are highlights of Novaes rolling on Suelen

And here’s the actual fight, a more accurate portrayal of a close fight, which I would’ve liked to see continue (lower quality than the highlights)



Justine Kish def. Christine Stanley by submission (armbar) round 2.

This was Kish’s return to MMA after 2+ years in the Muay Thai scene, winning a Muay Thai Title in Thailand. It is promising to see her with two submission wins on her record. One of them against #8 flyweight and former Bellator fighter, Munah Holland.

Not so fun fact - At first glance you see a typical, normal "white" girl… but as you listen to her voice, you might notice a slight accent. Justine Kish (named by her adopted parents) was "seriously ill at birth… Kish was abandoned in the Russian hospital where she was born… She spent the first five years of her life in two Saint Petersburg orphanages, where living conditions were so poor she ate rotten fruit. A Pennsylvania couple then adopted her, and she moved to Cramerton with her adopted mother about five years later."

Kish getting the armbar on a bloodied Stanley

Justine Kish by armbar… RFA 9


105lbs atomweight

Sadae Numata def. #12 Celine Haga via split decision

Numata was deducted two points for coming only TWO pounds overweight, and, I haven’t seen the fight, but it’s pretty crazy she was able to win.

No video right now as always with Japan… but here’s some decent photos

Immortals Fight Promotion

Agniezka Niedzwiedz def. Iren Racz via submission (armbar) 1st round

Niedzwiedz, 18, extends her unbeaten record to four with all finishes. This was her first submission.

Skip to 9:20 for Niedzwiedz/Racz highlights… from the little I saw Niedzwiedz is still awkward striking

Highlights of her fight



W a s h I n g U p t o S h o r e

This segment involves fights that happened in months past, but videos of them have only recently surfaced, fights I missed and/or interesting miscellany

Pancrase 250 – July 28th

Amber Brown def. Kikuyo Ishikawa (#9 Atomweight) by 3rd round submission (armbar)

I can’t wait until all these overrated Japanese girls are out of top 10 rankings. I know, I know for a long time Japan was the only one with rankings, and that makes it somewhat forgivable. Amber Brown, a honestly random girl, who came out of nowhere to fight in Japan. She lost at 115lbs to veteran Emi Fujino, and now claims the #9 ranking at 105lbs. Leggings should be banned. Period. It looked like Brown’s legs were about to snap or disappear.

Must Watch.

Check out Jinh Yu, the half-Korean, half (she says possibly Scandinavian), knock the fuck out of the aptly nicknamed "Train Wreck."

Yeah, this is the gif at the beginning. Fucking filthy.

If you a fan of Jerry Springer fights, you’ll love this

Raquel Pa’aluhi def. Priscilla White by 1st round TKO

You might recognize this name from various losses against relatively "name" opponents, such as Amanda Nunes (rear naked choke, Invicta), Sara McMann (keylock, Pro Elite) and Sarah D’aleilo. All were at the time or are now top 10 bantamweights. I was impressed with Pa’aluhi’s game against Nunes despite the loss, similar to when Max Holloway fought Dustin Poirer. I’m surprised she is not on the Ultimate Fighter.


Other action from JEWELS DEEP 1

115lbs strawweight

#11 Emi Fujino def. Hyo Kyung Song via submission (rear naked choke) round 2

Photos by

115lbs strawweight (grappling only)

Rikako Yuasa def. #10 Mizuki Inoue via unanimous decision

More photos

If you liked this, check out my Who to watch September




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