Prospects to Watch this Weekend

Here are some of the better prospects in action this weekend. I'm not perfect, if I've missed a fight that you know of... or someone has pulled out of a fight let me know in the comments section.

Not a ton of prospects in action overall, but the first three I have listed are very high end guys in my opinion.

CEF 7 - 6 Sep - Macelo, Brazil


Gilbert Burns (5-0) vs. Paulo Bananada (19-8)

Age: 26

Height: 5'9

Burns is a highly decorated BJJ competitor who helped coach Team Belfort on TUF: Brazil. He is now training in Florida with Belfort, and the other Blackzillians. There isn't much surprise in his game, as he is looking for the submission, and will push the action to get it.

XFC 25 - 6 Sep - Albuquerque, NM


Dhiego Lima (8-1) vs. Ricky Rainey (8-1)

Age: 23

Height: 6'0

Lima spent last week trying out for TUF: 19, but will have a tough test in front of him in Rainey. Lima has many of the same top notch tools that excited many people about his brother Douglas, a past Bellator tournament winner... but his sole loss was the result of him getting outwrestled badly by Nathan Coy. There is no shame in getting outwrestled by Nathan Coy, but it is a skill that he will have to work on if he is going to compete with the top notch wrestlers and grapplers in the UFC.

Gladiators of the Cage - 7 Sep - Cheswick, PA


Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz (2-0) vs. Jeremy Carper

Age: 23

Height: 5'10

Bekzod finished 3rd in the NCAA D1 wrestling tourney in 2012, after being a two time Junior college All-American. During his time at D1 Clarion, he wrestled at 165lbs but looks to be moving to 155lbs in MMA. His brother was 1-1 in MMA with both fights coming in 2009, and worked with Kenny Florian at one point during his career. Bekzod went 5-0 as an amateur, and since making his MMA debut in July of this year he has picked up two 1st round stoppages.

Tenkaichi Fight - 8 Sep - Okinawa, Japan


That Guy (5-0) vs. Yusuke Kawaguchi

I really don't know much about That Guy... I saw that there was a 230lbs fighter who was 5-0, all by stoppage, fighting this weekend, so I decided to throw him on here this week.

Review from last week:

King of the Cage - 29 Aug - Highland, CA


Sean Strickland (13-0) picked up a 1st round TKO over Matt Lagler to defend his KOTC MW title. It really can only be a matter of time before Strickland is in Bellator or UFC.

Bone MMA - 30 Aug - Manchester, NH


Jabril Patterson (3-0) only needed 10 seconds to KO Robert Taylor. Taylor is 0-4, so it isn't the most impressive victory, but Patterson did what a good prospect is supposed to do when facing an overmatched opponent.

Titan FC - 30 Aug - Kansas City, MO


Alex White (7-0) scored a TKO over Roy Babcock (7-2). The ending was very controversial, as the ref completely botched the TKO, and only White's sportsmanship saved Babcock from a bunch of unnecessary punishment.

The gif of the ref screwing up was covered here.

Immortals Fight Promotions - 31 Aug - Aberdeen, Scotland


Kamil Gniadek (5-1) lost a decision to journeyman Artem Lobov. I'm not sure if I over estimated Gniadek's ability, or if he just had a bad night. It is something that I'm curious to see moving forward.

Xtreme Kombat - 31 Aug - Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico

FLW (Female)

Alexa Grasso (4-0) picked up wins over Alejandra Alvarez (0-1), and Karina Rodriguez (2-1) to win the XK Female FLW. Pre tournament favorite Anely Jimenez (7-1) dropped her opening round fight to Rodriguez.

I'm taking the next couple of weeks off from Prospects to Watch... but should return later this month.

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