HBO Boxing Chavez vs Vera preview: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr disgraces boxing again

Jeff Bottari

Tonight, HBO Boxing Chavez vs. Vera presents Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera in a fight that has been marred by Chavez's controversial actions, as the fighter has again shown himself to be a disgrace to boxing. Preview the fight now, and join Bloody Elbow tonight for live fight coverage.

Tonight, Saturday September 28, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera and Adonis Stevenson vs. Tavoris Cloud in a big double-header. HBO World Championship Boxing Chavez vs Vera airs live this Saturday, September 28 with a fight time of 10:15 p.m. ET / PT. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

From the moment it was announced, there was little doubt who would be the heavy favorite in tonight's Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Bryan Vera clash. Chavez is the more experienced, all around superior fighter - he's simply a level above Vera. This fight has always been little more than a way to get Chavez back in the win column after suffering the first loss of his professional career. And you know what? That's OK. After a year long layoff following a loss, there's nothing wrong with Chavez taking a tune up fight. But there is something wrong with what has happened since.

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Originally announced at 160 pounds, Chavez vs. Vera was moved up, ultimately landing at 168 heading into fight week. Then, just 24 hours before yesterday's weigh-ins, word came out that Chavez would not even attempt to make the 168 pound limit, and that instead the fight would be competed at a Catchweight announced at the weigh-ins. Essentially, whatever Chavez weighed, that's what the official fight weight would be. (Final verdict was 173 pounds).

Think about that for a minute - the promoters set the weight one day before the show based entirely on what one of the fighters would weigh. That's appalling and a flagrant slap in the face of Bryan Vera, his team, and anyone who has respect for the rules of boxing. Sadly, it's also seemingly par for the course for Chavez.

Let's quickly run down the various ways Chavez has both flaunted boxing sanctions and displayed his unprofessionalism in his career:

-Chavez's early career was marked by multiple fights threatening to be derailed due to weight issues.

-A 2009 fight with Troy Rowland was ruled a No Contest after Chavez struggled to make weight and subsequently tested positive for a banned diuretic.

-In early 2012, Chavez was arrested just two weeks before a fight on a DUI charge.

-After his September 2012 fight with Sergio Martinez, Chavez again failed a drug test and tested positive for a banned substance (marijuana in this instance).

-His time since has been marked by weight gain and a public split with trainer Freddie Roach who criticized Chavez's unwillingness to commit to training time.

So in the end, the Vera fight is just another incident in a long line of ways Chavez has insulted the sport of boxing. Really, there's no reason to expect anything less from him at this point. And while this is clearly a situation of his making, and one where he deserves the lion's share of the blame, there's enough blame to go around here.

Blame Bob Arum and Top Rank for enabling Chavez by allowing him to dictate the weight limit.

Blame the California State Athletic Commission for letting the weight limit change repeatedly.

Blame HBO for airing this farce (and for forcing Adonis Stevenson and Tavoris Cloud to serve as the prelim fight).

And, as long as I'm throwing stones, blame me and other journalists for continuing to give Chavez coverage. Frankly, he doesn't deserve it. But here we are - fight night. And I'll be watching. Even though I know I'm being insulted. Again.

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for HBO World Championship Boxing Chavez vs Vera results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday September 28.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1-1; 32 KOs) vs. Bryan Vera (23-6; 14 KOs) - Chavezweight (173 lbs)

Adonis Stevenson (21-1; 18 KOs) vs. Tavoris Cloud (24-1; 19 KOs) - Light Heavyweight (175 lbs)


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