Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones

First of all let me start by acknowledging one of the greatest fights I have had the chance to see in a long time. It was fantastic! With that said, there were many moments in this fight that I felt spoke volumes about each fighter and how they have progressed in their MMA timelines.

One thing that stood out to me was the appearance that Jones has been slowly becoming a "safer" fighter. Now don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Jones wanting to cement his legacy yadda yadda... My point is that all his flashiness and creativity seems to be going the way of the dodo. Jones was raw. He did what came naturally and fought like a video game character. IMO, the Jones that beat Bonner .. up till Shogun (around there) would've demolished Gustafsson.

Bones has slowly started losing that uninhibited streak and started to replace it with the technique and all the fine tuning that comes with joining the super camp in Albuquerque. This is all great considering all of the natural talent Jones possesses, but instead of using it to add to his already crazy cache of almost Pettis like creativity, he seems to be dropping the flashy and going almost all fundamental.

In basketball they say "if you have the basics, you can be a great player". This is very true... we would've never had a Michael Jordan had it not been for him being able to take that jump shot and turn it into a fadeaway ... Jones seems to have had the fadeaway and is now trying to solidify his jump shot. He is so high on his fundamentals, he even believed he could last with a Klitschko bro in a boxing match!

In his post fight in cage interview, Jones came out and said "I wasn't like water" ...


One dude we have known for years that has taken the Bruce Lee philosophy, and has truly put it to good use is Anderson Silva. Silva has followed the Michael Jordan path of building on the fundamentals .. While still also possessing a great deal of natural ability and talent, Silva built and added to each martial art he included in his repertoire and invented a killer crazy style all his own.

Then there is the whole 'Anderson Silva just got KTFO' thing.

While I do believe that Anderson Silva will win in the rematch, I also thought he was going to lose to Weidman. Would I have admitted that before the fight? No .. not really. I wasn't ready to admit that I knew deep in my gut he was about to lose. This was more a selfish thing. He was building something special, and for a brief moment I wanted to believe!

I knew that when Silva would lose, everything that is happening now (Silva falling so far in the p4p rankings, people saying all the super fights were invalid etc etc) was going to happen. AND it isn't completely unfounded.

Before Silva lost though, the thought of a Silva Vs. Jones fight always lead to people commenting how much bigger Jones was and how he would just take Silva down and smother him. Very few thought Silva could pull it off. I'd imagine many more are now joining that wagon. Still, Jones and Silva were the two tippy top apex predators.

Then came their last respective fights.

Sure Silva lost and Jones won. It's HOW it happened that tells me that if this fight happens within the next year .. Silva almost certainly takes it. Mayweather just proved and older gent can still take an unproven but formidable young lion .. but most importantly is my own personal experience.

I personally have had my share of amateur fights, and I can without a doubt say that I learned MOST from my lone loss than any of the wins that I had in that ring.

Jones showed us with his last fight that not only should he never mention a Klitschko again, but if he faced a striker like Anderson Silva .. that chin will be tested like never before. Coming off of a win, I can't see Jones taking as much away from the fight had he lost that decision. Anderson on the other hand was embarrassed. A fighter that has come this far, accomplished so much .. let it all crumble because he forgot what it was like to lose. He forgot what it was like to be shamed. To be beaten at his own game. AND (IMO) by a fighter that isn't even close to the skill level and complete overall game Silva posses.

So yes, while Silva may be coming off of a loss, and Jones coming off of a win .. what happened in each of those fights coupled with what we already know, I am certain ..

Anderson Silva would Kick Jon Jones' ass.

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