Wanderlei Silva looking to face Chael Sonnen in Brazil or Oregon

Wanderlei Silva looking to fight Chael Sonnen no matter the outcome of Sonnen's UFC 167 bout against Rashad Evans.

Wanderlei Silva has volleyed the ball back to Chael Sonnen.

Before we get to the latest from Silva, let's catch up on some recent history. After Sonnen submitted Mauricio "Shogun" Rua in the main event of UFC Fight Night 26 he stood in the center of the Octagon in Boston's TD Garden and called for a fight with Silva:

Wanderlei Silva, six feet tall and 205 pounds. Boy, until I met you I didn't know they could stack crap that high. I just got done with a world champion, if you don't think I'll add a middle-aged comedian just for the goddamn pleasure of it you better think again. Wanderlei Silva, three months, you and the bad guy.

It didn't take long for UFC president Dana White to throw water on the fire that Sonnen had lit. White, said he tried to book the fight, but according to MMAFighting.com's Ariel Helwani, Silva balked, saying he would not take the fight without getting points on the pay-per-view.

Oddly, the next day, Silva released a long video complete with heavy metal background music threatening all types of violence against Sonnen.

Not long after, the UFC moved on from the drama and booked Sonnen against Rashad Evans for UFC 167, the promotion's 20th anniversary event. That fight will take place on November 16 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Since the UFC booked Sonnen versus Evans things have been quiet between. Silva recently broke that silence. Speaking to MMAFighting.com, Silva said he's back to training, and that he's looking for a fight with Sonnen:

I talked to the boss and said that I can fight Sonnen in Brazil or in Oregon. I want to beat him in front of all his friends. I want them to watch how bad I will destroy him. I'd be down to fight in his backyard. You can call all his friends. I want Sonnen to feel ashamed of how bad he'll be beaten by me.

Silva added that he wants the Sonnen fight no matter the outcome of the Sonnen versus Evans fight:

I would fight him if he wins or loses against Rashad. I have no problems with that. I'm not that type of guy that only accepts a fight when a guy is coming off a win. That's an interesting fight and I will have to be ready because he's a good athlete, and I want to be able to do everything that the fans expect me to do against him: beat his ass.

I wouldn't expect the UFC to react to the comments of Silva considering Sonnen is already scheduled to fight Evans. However, it would be surprising if Sonnen lets the comments of the former Pride champion slide by without a retort.

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