Can anyone even give Cyborg a decent fight?

Cris Cyborg vs. Jennifer Colomb at Lion Fight 11 last Friday

Cris Cyborg vs Jennifer Colomb - Lion Fight 11 (via Marcio Santos)

Not sure if the video works, here's the link just in case

Can anyone even give Cyborg a decent fight?

That’s what I was asking myself after Cyborg obliterated the previously undefeated, French Muay Thai champion, Jennifer Colomb. Pat Miletich was being generous ONLY giving Cyborg 10-9 in rounds 1 and 2. I scored it 10-8, 10-8 and Cyborg finishes it off with a vicious body combination. I think like 30 seconds into the first round he remarked, Cyborg is "molesting" Colomb. Which was an accurate description.

Colomb was helpless, the fear in her eyes, everytime she turned her back and her cornerman giving her a "wake the fuck up" slap at the end of round 2. But, that didn’t do shit.

Cyborg isn’t just dominating these women, in a Jon Jones fashion, but striking genuine fear in all her opponents. Not to mention she has improved from uncontrollable aggression, that got her in trouble a couple times against Carano, with calculated brutality. Surprise head kicks, jumping kicks, a jab and body work. Cyborg I want you.

So, this begs the titular question, who can even give Cyborg a decent fucking fight?

Here are my candidates:

Let’s start with the obvious… obviously not going to happen.

Ronda Rousey: There is nobody that moves like her on the ground or in the clinch. But, neither parties seem willing to budge for the other. Ronda wanting Cyborg at 135. Cyborg asking for a catchweight at 140.

Germaine de Randamie: The Iron Lady. She owns, I believe, a 46-0 Muay Thai record and could be a very viable opponent for Cyborg… on the feet that is. Her ground game is about a good as Bas Rutten’s against Kevin Randleman, meaning she can defend and strike from the bottom. Cyborg would smash her in MMA, but in Muay Thai this could be the first time we see Cyborg with any hesitation.

Also, de Randamie has fought a man before, albeit, a celebrity in his late 30s - early 40s.

Gabi Garcia: A beast of a woman. She is in a class of her own in grappling. Standing at 6 ft 2 and 200+ pounds she could definitely give Cyborg a test just with her size. But her size + grappling would be intriguing as fuck. Freakshow fights. The same way Fedor fought behemoths like Hong Man Choi and Semmy Schilt. When you see highlights of Fedor slaying these giants it added to his mystique and aura. I think the same can happen for Cyborg.

Check Gabi out rolling with the legendary Marcelo Garcia

and here’s a photo of her with Anderson Silva.


What is Invicta going to do? Keep feeding her poor Marloes, have Julia Budd annihilated or Ediane Gomes look completely deformed? I say "freak show" fights is the way to go for Cyborg.

EDIT: I didn't even think of this possibility, thank you, comments.

Fallon Fox. She's a 135er but she could challenge Cyborg I think.

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