BECW 7:3- UFC 165 Live Thread


Welcome to the BECW live thread for one of the worst marketed events in UFC history, but one that actually has some good fighters on it (and Brendan Schaub, but we can't have everything). I'm working on an exceptional stomach virus that has caused me to lose 9 pounds in 2 days so this will be brief, but I assume most of you have already stopped reading and headed to the comments.


Shut the Fuck up, Lanky Division

This division will either get some clarity or become a total clusterfuck after today. RonSwanson's Wanderlei Industries look to move to 3-0 and keep the solo division lead against the hapless low score holding Bitch-Ass Lady Sounds led by Manch1ld. The other matchup has the best and worst 1-1 teams in the BECW, with the overall high scoring Disrespectful Pieces of Shit led by swiftman OBP taking on the next to lowest scoring Tears of the Shogun, led by SPA. Both teams with under 1000 points are in this division, so way to go guys.

No Seriously, Lanky, Fucking shut up already Division

In the only division where everyone is 1-1, we start off with Sugel's Picking You Like Candy taking on PFP's AMSAC in a battle of first and last place teams separated by only 47 points (AMSAC being the division leader). We also have Newt's 209 Excuse factory taking on Marcu$ Mr. Men (seriously??). Any of the 4 teams with a big week could take over the division lead, so maybe we will find someone that can pull ahead this event.

O Lanky, Where Art Thou Division

And finally we have the BECW Group of Death, where the last place team has more points than the aforementioned "No, Seriously..." division (and the division as a whole has scored 256 more points than the 2nd best). My Stupid-ass Flying Knee looks to connect on the jaw of Andy's Asshole Assortments (seriously, you still haven't named your team too???) in a battle of 1-1 teams. We also have the overall first place team the Viacommunists led by Busa taking on the best last place team in KmcCaig's Tristars.


Main Card (PPV)

Jon Jones (204.5) vs. Alexander Gustafsson (204.5)
Renan Barao (135) vs. Eddie Wineland (135*)
Matt Mitrione (260.5) vs. Brendan Schaub (237)
Francis Carmont (186) vs. Constantinos Philippou (186)
Pat Healy (155.75) vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (156)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Myles Jury (156) vs. Mike Ricci (155.5)
Ivan Menjivar (136*) vs. Wilson Reis (135)
Chris Clements (169.5) vs. Stephen Thompson (170.5)
Mitch Gagnon (136) vs. Dustin Kimura (136)

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

John Makdessi (155) vs. Renee Forte (155.5)
Jesse Ronson (155.5) vs. Michel Prazeres (155)
Alex Caceres (136) vs. Roland Delorme (136)
Nandor Guelmino (230) vs. Daniel Omielanczuk (245.5)


That's all I've got for you. Protect yourself at all times and come out swinging.

In honor of our fallen compadre:



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