Scoring Takedowns, Guard Pulling, Guard, and Top Control

This has been on my mind for a while and I've tried to come up with a reasonable opinion and I think I’m getting close but I want more opinions from people smarter than me on the subject. Big thanks to our resident dancing STD (discoandherpes) for twisting my brain around guard pulling VS takedowns like Damian Maia did Rick Story.

What should count and for how much? Those are my questions.

Should count because you’re planting the other fighter on the mat showing effective grappling. My idea for scoring a takedown is that you score it like a clean, solid strike that visibly hurts the other fighter. No more, no less. The scoring stops with the takedown itself.

Successfully stopping a takedown
I think it should count for something but not as much as getting a takedown. Similar to strikes if you land a hard and clean strike that visibly hurts your opponent that should count, if you throw and miss, or the other fighter blocks, that’s ineffective. To me stuffing a takedown is a grappling exchange and the fighter that stuffs a takedown is more effective than the one trying for it.

Top Control
When should top control count and when should it not? Top control by itself should not come into play unless the offense of each fighter is even.

I think guard should be a neutral position. Passing guard to half guard, side control, and mount all shows effective grappling as does regaining guard (going from a bad position to be better one) and should all score points where being in guard should be seen in the same way as two fighters standing in the center of the cage.

Pulling Guard
As D&H had said if you count takedowns "because they dictate where the fight goes" you have to count pulling guard because that fighter is dictating where the fight is going, even though they are being put into a position that is seen as inferior. I’m going to side with this because I can’t have it two ways. Since I’m saying top control shouldn’t count for anything unless everything else between the fighters is even and guard is a neutral position pulling guard wouldn’t be putting yourself into an inferior position. This all comes back around to "what do you do with it" do you just lay there or do you work offense or does your opponent just beat you up from there?

So what are your thoughts?

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