Former representative of Frank Trigg, Shonie Carter, others facing charges for alleged sexual abuse of 12 year old

Photo: Brad Shorr via Wikimedia Commons

A former representative of fighters such as Frank Trigg and Shonie Carter is being charged with the rape of a 12 year old girl.

Gary Klusty, owner of Out Cold Sports Management, has spent the last month going through the trial system on eight counts of a combination of gross sexual imposition and rape. All charges involve parties "less than thirteen years of age." A source at the prosecutor's office informed Bloody Elbow that the alleged victim was twelve years old at the time.

Klusty has had his name attached at various times to different MMA personalities and appears to have used his position as a "sports agent" as well as alleged outlandish statements about his pull with the UFC in personal relationships.

One of the bigger names ever represented by Klusty was former UFC welterweight title contender Frank Trigg. In 2012, Trigg clarified on Twitter that Klusty represented him for endorsements:

But his relationship with Trigg appears to be considerably closer as the photographer at the wedding of Klusty and fourth wife Tammy tweeted the following after the event:

Trigg is now represented by Xtreme Couture Management, LLC.

Klusty also represented at one time or another names such as Shonie Carter, Brian Gassaway and Abongo Humphrey.

When Bloody Elbow reached out to Shonie Carter to ask if he was still affiliated with Klusty, his initial response when Klusty's name was mentioned was "What did that piece of (expletive) mother(expletive) do now?" followed by claiming that Klusty got him inappropriate fights against guys with sub .500 records, stole a belt that he had won at a regional fight and repeated claims that Klusty was a liar. Suffice it to say, Carter said that Klusty did not currently represent him.

During the court case, Klusty repeatedly represented himself as a sports agent who did business with Zuffa LLC according to the Delaware County (Ohio) prosecutor's office.

The prosecutor's office also told Bloody Elbow that when Tammy -- the fourth wife mentioned above when Trigg served as best man -- filed her petition for annulment of the marriage, she included a statement that Klusty claimed that Dana White wanted Gary and his son to participate in a UFC fight in the same night.

Bizarre claims aside, the charges are extremely serious. They can be read in full via this PDF copy of the indictment.

Bloody Elbow will have more on the case if and when more details become available.

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