UFC Lightweight Pat Healy talks aftermath of marijuana drug test failure


Pat Healy lost $130,000 of fight bonuses after he failed a drug test for marijuana, he's ready to put that behind him and get the win at UFC 165.

UFC Lightweight Pat Healy put on a breakout performance against Jim Miller at UFC 159. He beat Miller and was awarded Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses for a $130,000 haul, but it was all taken away from him when post-fight urine test revealed he'd fallen under the blinding spell of Mary Jane. Marijuana that is. Reefer madness had a hold of Healy an wouldn't let go.

Healy talked to Sherdog about it:

"It wasn't a fun time. The day I found out, I think I just sat in my room with the lights off for the rest of the day, just kind of kicking myself. I made a huge mistake and I paid for it and I'm ready to get back in there and wipe that from people's memory."

He explained to MMA Fighting how he fell into the clutches of the demon weed:

"It was about three and a half, four weeks out," Healy said. "I was at a friend's birthday party, just hanging out. To be honest I didn't even think it would be an issue, you know? It was a huge mistake and I just didn't even think."

UFC President Dana White held firm, standing for societal norms and all that is right and decent via MMA Fighting:

"There are f--king rules," White said. "Whether it's TRT, didn't get an exemption, whether it's steroids, diuretics, whether it's pain pills, there's things that are banned substances. And whether you like it or not, marijuana is one of them. And somebody said, ‘they took 90-percent of his purse.' We didn't take f--king zero from his purse. We took 100-percent of the bonus that he wasn't eligible for.

"It's f--king illegal. You can't do it, it's a banned substance. Should it be? I don't necessary think so. I don't think it's performance [enhancing]," he declared, his voice rising. " [But] it doesn't give a s--t what I think! It doesn't matter! It's a banned substance. Every fighter knows that you go in, and you use marijuana, and you get caught, you're busted. Now the commission's going to come in -- they took that fight away from him -- and he's going to get fined by the commission. He wasn't eligible for that bonus."

Now a sadder but wiser Healy tells MMA Junkie what he learned from his fateful decision to puff the forbidden smoke of the hemp plant:

Testing positive for marijuana, losing that bonus, that win, it was just so disappointing. So, so disappointing. It was something that I didn't think would be an issue at all. I was going to the mailbox every day looking for that check. It was a good lesson. You can't play around in this business. You can't break the rules and think you're going to get away with it. Your career is a fragile thing.

Another life ravaged by the scourge of drugs. Pay attention kids, just say no. Healy faces Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 165 and hopefully this time he'll just be high on life.

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