Why romance writers love MMA

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Romance writer Sarah Castille explains why romance writers (and readers) love mixed martial arts.

Well it was just a matter of time I guess. MMA fighters are rapidly becoming established as sexy tropes of romance novels right up there with knights in shining armor, sweaty workingmen and moody billionaires. Sarah Castille, author of Against the Ropes, has written a feature for USA Today listing why the ladies love mixed martial artists. Here's an excerpt:

Many women are attracted to men with qualities that are survival-related. And what is more survival-related than the ability to fight? It speaks to a deep biological need for protection from a strong male ... an alpha male.

Yes, fighters embody all the qualities of the quintessential alpha male. Dominant and dangerous, controlling and confident, fighters are the "forbidden fruit," the bad boys who need to be tamed. And who doesn't want one of those? At least in an escapist, guilty pleasure, only-on-my-Kindle kind of way.

Now that MMA has moved into the mainstream, from Fox Sports to pay-per-view, fighters are everywhere. Abs of steel, buns of iron and magnificent rampant bodies grace our television screens and magazines.

She also singles out UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre as the game's leading sex symbol:

Georges "Rush" St-Pierre (aka GSP), current welterweight champion of the UFC, is considered one of the sexiest men in MMA today. His face graces everything from T-shirts to apps and from MMA gear to energy drinks. GSP on a fight promoter's card is a guaranteed draw.

Celebrity status, athleticism, and mouth-watering good looks are a winning combination. Stats suggest about 40% of the MMA audience is female. And the more we see, the more we want. Natch.

Read the whole thing.

Buy the book: Against the Ropes

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