Video: Rampage Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz Bellator pre-fight press conference

Tito Ortiz bashed the UFC, Rampage Jackson bemoaned missed opportunities and Bjorn Rebney announced the price point for the first Bellator PPV on November 2.

Bellator FC held their pre-fight press conference for their inaugural pay-per-view yesterday with CEO Bjorn Rebney and fighters Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Tito Ortiz. Video is above and is well worth a watch for sheer entertainment value.

Highlights included Rampage talking about his interest in boxing Kimbo Slice and/or Roy Jones, Jr. (via MMA Mania):

"Honestly, I think Tito fucked up that (Roy Jones Jr.) fight. The whole time I was getting ready to prepare for Jones. I was gonna get down to 200 pounds, I was already setting up a boxing camp and everything and then Tito signed to Bellator and I thought, 'Damn, there goes my Roy Jones fight!' But, I think the Jones fight will come around eventually after Tito and I fight. If everything goes according to plan, I'm sure that's a fight that will happen because Jones is very interested in fighting me.

"When I was voicing leaving the UFC and I wanted to box, before I even signed with Bellator, I was being real. I wanted to box because I heard Kimbo was out there doing some boxing was doing good and I figured, 'Hell, I'll box him.' I just wanted to try boxing because if you think about it, I've done everything else. I've done jiu-jitsu at the beginning of my career, K-1 and I've done MMA, apparently. But, boxing is the only thing I haven't done and I want to try it before retire ... it just played out the way it did, then Tito came over and fucked all that up."

Tito Ortiz talking about Dana White and the UFC and his health (transcript via MMA Fighting):

"The company that I was with, I had to beg to be with it," Ortiz said. "I had to beg to be a part of it. A whole year went by and I waited and I no longer could wait anymore.

"When I had someone barking at me, yelling at me, talking s--- the whole time, I don't want to be around that," Ortiz said. "Negativity just sucks the life out of somebody. Here at Bellator, with Viacom, this sport is just going to get bigger.

"My latest surgery was 12 weeks ago, an ACL replacement," Ortiz said. "I was back after a month. Month and a half i was back to drilling again. My body recovered super fast. Of course, the last year I ended up having neck surgery. My body recovered fast. I'm still young. I have good blood."

And Bjorn Rebney talked about the fight and almost but not quite announced the price point of the PPV:

"I just kind of took off the CEO hat and put on the fan hat and was like, of the epic battles that I wanted to see -- and never got a chance to see -- what was No. 1 on my list? And Rampage vs. Tito was No. 1 on the list of great fights that I never got to see.

"Price points will vary on the distributor -- we'll have a $35 price point, some $40 and some of the distributors might push it up to $45. It will be distributor-specific based on where they are located throughout the country. That's because they know, it's very much like our relationships with our fighters. They're the experts in the field,
they know what their different consumer base is going to withstand for a certain fight or a certain event. So, we leave it more in the hands of the distributors to make that determination as opposed to mandating them or directing them as to what it would be at one singular price point. There are different markets, which are hot beds of mixed martial arts that have show a propensity to buy huge numbers. There are others that don't quite buy as much that we want to fertilize and get it to be a better MMA market. We've left it in the hands of the distributors to make some of those determinations. There is a very high likelihood we won't exceed the $50 price point."

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