KG's Random Thoughts on UFC 163: Aldo vs. Zombie, Korean

Since I always just end up making a giant post on some thread with my random thoughts on an event and it always seems to end up greened, I figured I'd just make a habit of doing fanposts now.

1. Aldo/Jung....kind of sucked. In my mind, it showed that there really is a lot of truth to the whole "fighting is 90% mental" thing. Jung choked, plain and simple. He was locked into analysis paralysis, which is contrary to his usual style, and lost as a result. He also lost to a guy who is, quite simply, a greater athletic specimen than himself.

On Aldo's side, he really just didn't fight like himself, going for a wrestling-heavy approach and zero kicks. Though that's been since explained by h is injured foot.

Just a weird, weird fight where neither guy fought like himself - Aldo, due to an early injury and KZ due to mental paralysis and it all ended in an injury stoppage. A bizarre fight, and not in a good way.

2. Machida won that fight. And Fightmetric said so too. Once again, it feels as though MMA judging has not evolved at all over the last ten years as judges are STILL grossly over valuing takedowns.

Machida's style is, unfortunately, just is not one that is always compatible with MMA's inept, competent judges. Frankly, given how badly MMA judges have fucked up on far more run-of-the-mill fights, it's surprising that they haven't fucked up MORE Machida fights than they have. Already, last time, one judge inexplicably gave the fight to Hendo. I actually wondered if MMA judging is getting WORSE: would any of those three gentlemen ringside have handed in scorecards for Ortiz? Nakamura? Heath?

As for Davis' performance, I'm reading a lot of people talking about the massive improvement he showed. I'm...not really seeing it. He's still employing a kick-centric game that still feels awkward and shows little to no power. He also gave up on the combinations and boxing he showed in his last fight, though that may be a product of fighting Machida. Whatever.

3. My star of the night: Sergio Moraes. I picked Moraes, but most thought it'd be a close fight. In the end Moraes took Magny down like nothing and showed truly world-class jiu-jitsu with a jaw-dropping guard pass and transition to mount that were both gorgeous. That's not just amazing jiu-jitsu, it's amazing CONFIDENCE in that jiu-jitsu. How many guys would give up mount like that?

The other story is that Moraes' striking actually showed some improvements. While still wild, his defence looked a little better and it looked a bit less sloppy. Moraes was a real star last night.

4. Anthony Perosh has got to have the weirdest UFC career of anyone currently on the roster. After watching him get pwned by Cro Cop in 2010, could anyone have seriously believed he'd still be in the UFC over 3 years later and with a 4-2 UFC record at that? Insanity.

As far as Vinny goes, I'm glad he's retiring. His career can be seen as one of two things: a guy who never lived up to his potential OR a testament to the fact that being a great jiu-jitsu fighter does not by any means guarantee being a great, or even good, MMA fighter. I think it's more the latter than the former.

5. Thales Leites did me proud. I didn't think he deserved to be cut and he put on a great performance last night. He'll be a great gatekeeper for the division - a MW Cheick Kongo. Dude needs to work on that conditioning though. A top tier fighter shouldn't be gassing like that when spending so much of the fight on his opponent's back.

6. I think the UFC just got to divisional staples in two divisions that need divisional staples with Amanda Nunes and Jose Maria Tome. I still don't know enough about JMT, but I've always found Nunes easy to root for and generally likable. I also loved how she wasn't touching Gaff's glove.

As an aside, holy shit, Gaff's ground game is non-existent.

7. It's inevitable, but Demetrious Johnson vs. John Lineker lost any of the tiny bit of luster it had. Lineker is nowhere close to that level and Johnson is a hopeless match-up for him.

8. I'm not sure when was the last time I witnessed a PPV main card fight that felt as utterly pointless as Mutante/Santos.

So those are my random thoughts:

Biggest Star: Sergio Moraes
Biggest Loser: Vinny Magalhaes
Best Fight: Nothing jumps out. As a jiu-jitsu guy, Moraes/Magny is must-watch though.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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