UFC: Roy Nelson discusses upcoming movie role, Faber & vengeance

Scorpion King 4 cast members - Image courtesy of Jessy Nelson

UFC heavyweight star, Roy Nelson discusses his upcoming role in the Scorpion King 4, his thoughts on Urijah Faber, and avenging losses in this interview exclusive.

When I grow up, I want to be a fighter. Or an actor. Maybe both. These are the two things scores of young males ( and some females) aspire to in this day and age. Now, with the boom of MMA, this dream can be realized. All you have to do is make a name for yourself by being a great fighter, get into the UFC, become known for having fist-hammers that blast most mortal men into the next galaxy, and a personality that is larger than life.

If you have accomplished everything from that list, the odds are pretty good that your name is Roy Nelson. Now, he'll be able to add 'actor' to his resume. The UFC heavyweight star has just returned from Romania where he was shooting scenes for his role in the upcoming Scorpion King 4 film. I had the chance to get a quick interview with him earlier today where he discussed his role in the movie, his thoughts on Urijah Faber, Alistair Overeem and whether or not he feels the need to avenge his losses. Here's what he had to say:

Scorpion King 4

I guess everybody is doing a movie thing, so I'm doing the Scorpion King 4. My role in the movie is as one of the king's guards, with a very original name; Roykus. Apparently back in the day, everybody's name was ‘us' so ‘Roy' plus ‘us' and put a little ‘k' in there; Roykus. I'm one of the royal guards, and I do my own stunts like Jackie Chan. I do some fight scenes and I've got a couple of lines. It's the start of a promising movie career. They didn't even give me make up, that's how much I fit this role. I was so perfect for the role that they even just let my hair be.

I might have been the funny guy on set, but I was in awe of two people; Don Wilson, because of the B-movies and bad martial arts movies. That was kind of like wow. It was like meeting Van Damme or something after watching Bloodsport. The other guy was Lou Ferrigno, because he was The Hulk. You can't go wrong with the 70's and 80's Hulk.

Urijah Faber

He got mad about me saying he gets too many title shots? But I say that to his face, and he's the nicest guy to my face. Whatever he's bitched about is what I say to his face. It's not like it's coming from anywhere else. I say it to his face, that's how I roll. If he wants to fight, we can fight but he might have to get in line.

I'm not hating on him, I'm just asking him how the f**k does he get like 5 million title shots? I was asking for the blueprint. I'm being genuine when I'm asking, ‘Hey, how do you get all of these title shots? Did you catch someone murdering somebody? What do you have on somebody? Or does your management have something or somebody? Or do I just need to be small? Do I need to be under 5 foot? What's the rule?'

Uhriah? Ariah? They're all the same. It's iah. The fact he answered to that makes it his name. If I called ‘You Butthead' and you answer to it, then that's your name. If he was in my movie I'd probably call him Uh-riah because that's easier to say. Actually, I'd let him pick his own name so his feelings weren't hurt.

Overeem, DC and Velasquez

I just saw the Overeem/Browne fight last night. I think that could have been stopped when he was hitting Travis. I don't want to say it got stopped early, but if they're going to let Travis take a good beating, then let Overeem take a good beating.

I'm not interested in fighting Overeem. I have two people in my mind who I want to fight. I want to fight DC, then I want to fight his best friend, Cain Velasquez. Those are who I have had on my chopping block for the last year and a half. DC can only protect Cain for so long.

I'm usually the time bomb ready to go off. The last thing you want to do is piss me off. I'm a pretty good, fun loving guy, but if I'm mad, it's bad. I've not seen DC saying anything bad though, everything that I've read is him talking about how wonderful I am.

Barnett vs. Mir

They're fighting? That shows how much I pay attention. I didn't even know there were fights on Wednesday. I think that'll definitely be an exciting fight. I couldn't even tell you who I think will win. Actually, it doesn't matter who wins, I'd like to fight whoever wins in the future.


For me, having pneumonia and losing to Mir doesn't sit well. There's some guys where I'm like I won that fight, and only lost because of the judges, or I got cheated or whatever. I know I'm a better fighter. I don't have to revisit it, I don't live in the past. I'm always looking ahead, not backwards. I'm looking for DC, then Cain Velasquez and I haven't fought either one of them. If I lost to Cain and he still had the title, then I would love that rematch; because he has the title. I only want to go ahead, not backwards.

You can follow Roy via his Twitter account @RoyNelsonMMA

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