BECW Season 7 Draft



Hello gentlemen. Well that was quite a finish to the end of the season. The finale came down to the last fight with The Fox Blockers needing a Condit UD to take the title by a single point while any other outcome would leave The Fuken Magi champs. For a while it looked like it would go the distance but eventually Condit proved he is The Natural Born Killer and got the win. I posted the final rankings in the comments of the last fanpost which you can check here. Hopefully we will have a more detailed recap of the season in the next few days.

Now we are ready for the new season (Thanks Manch1ld). This was the shortest ever turn around between seasons so congrats and thanks to everyone that helped contribute and ensured the competition kept going. It's time for my favourite part of the season, the draft. Most of you guys know how it'll work by now but if you are new here is the deal:

The twelve captains take it in turns to choose players from the list of 120 until everyone is gone. This year we decided to mix it up and introduce a keeper system. That meant captains from last season (or whoever was taking over from the captains) could keep up to five players from their team and they would be on their team again. They did not have to keep anyone if they did not want to as keeping a player meant losing a pick in the first round of the draft. So, for example, if a captain chose to keep three of his players, he would lose the first three rounds of the draft and enter in the fourth. It remains to be seen if captains who chose to keep players or new captains will have the advantage.

The list of players is available in the last fan post so I won't post it again but here is how the draft is scheduled to go down and who each captain has chosen to keep. That should also prevent any lanky-like issues with double picks or snake drafts. Seriously people... just follow the sheet and it will let you know when its your turn to make your pick.


Check into the comments 20 minutes before start time. We're kicking off at 5pm ET, No One Cares about PT O Clock and 10pm GMT. If you aren't here for the draft and you haven't sent an autodraft sheet to kater tots you're getting a shitty team. Also please send a copy of your draft list to him so we can make an aggregate ranking thing for Spam to make fun of your picks. Also please send your head to head player choices to him too before the event starts tomorrow. Also make sure and put OFFICIAL PICK in the HEADER of your comment when making a pick. Oh yeah one more thing. Make sure the person you're picking isn't one of the players being kept by another captain.

Non captains:

Sit back and enjoy the show. If you are new to BE introduce yourself and get involved. Your captain will probably email you tonight or tomorrow to confirm you are on their team or discuss picks or whatever. Just make sure you make your picks before tomorrows deadline. Also if someone could help out with autodrafting make yourself known in the comments. Someone will send you a draft order list and you enter the picks for the captain if they are unavailable.

Lets mutherfuk and stuff.

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