UFC 163 fight card primer: Jose Aldo vs. Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Bloody Elbow presents their UFC 163: Aldo vs. Jung fight card primer, previewing all the action at this weekend's UFC 163 PPV live from Brazil. Here, we look at the main event: Jose Aldo vs. The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung for the UFC Featherweight Title.

In the main event at UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie, UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo (22-1 MMA; 4-0 UFC) faces challenger Chan Sung Jung, The Korean Zombie (13-3 MMA; 3-0 UFC). The official UFC rankings currently have Zombie as the #5 contender at Featherweight, while champion Aldo is #4 on the pound-for-pound list. The UFC 163 PPV airs live from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this Saturday, August 3, on PPV with the main card starting at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

This was originally set to be Jose Aldo defending the belt against the unlikely challenge of Lightweight Anthony Pettis. But a Pettis injury forced him out. Then he was ready to fight again when a sudden miraculous injury opened up a Lightweight title shot. Convenient, eh? Conspiracy theories aside, the upshot is that underdog Chan Sung Jung gets the shot, and though he's been out for a year, he was a more deserving challenger than Pettis anyway. But he really has his work cut out for him here.

How do these two stack up?

Aldo: 26 years old | 5'7" | 70" reach
Zombie: 26 years old | 5'7" | 72" reach

What have these two done recently?

Aldo: W - Frankie Edgar (UD) | W - Chad Mendes (KO) | W - Kenny Florian (UD)
Zombie: W - Dustin Poirier (Sub) | W - Mark Hominick (KO) | W - Leonard Garcia (Sub)

How did these two get here?

Jose Aldo has stood atop the Featherweight division for close to 4 years, ever since he took that mantle from Urijah Faber (yes, yes, Mike Brown, but seriously, it was the Faber era, then the Aldo era). He's brought the division over to the UFC and been its only champion, and he shows no sign of giving it up anytime soon. Aldo is in that GSP/Silva/Jones territory where no one in the division even seems like a threat to him, which may explain why he's been paired with Lightweights Florian, Edgar, and Pettis. Aldo is a vicious striker, and a good grappler, though we almost never see that. It's been close to 8 years since his last loss - how long will this run continue?

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Chan Sung Jung has earned a major cult following. It started in Japan's Sengoku organization, where he earned his Korean Zombie moniker for his refusal to ever stop moving forward, but was cemented in his incredible WEC war with Leonard Garcia. Since coming to the UFC, he's a perfect 3-0, with a submission win via twister, a 7 second KO over the former #1 contender, and a FOTY win over Dustin Poirier. He's been on the shelf for a year, and looks to make a dramatic return Saturday.

Why should you care?

He may not have much of a shot, but how can you not watch The Korean Zombie fight? Win or lose, the man always brings the entertainment, and I want to see what he brings tonight.

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