BECW7 Final Roster, Keeper Players, Draft Order

Returning BECW6 Players

-Neil- Fedorable Nick.Adams
1N87 ffc Pat Tzu
aaronb Flying.Armbar.Bro Patrick Wyman
afrotikiman forkboy PDG27
Ak.Death Fraser Coffeen phenylenginerods
alxn Garrett Turpin pooki
Andersac gator rolled pookie_gnome
AndrewByrne Greek_Fighter Rob Young
bcpjkell GreyedOut RStephen4
ben bauman grizzlyatoms ScoreCardOTN
benten20 gxc scruffy_thejanitor
Body Triangle Horselover Fat sday420
Brad Ackerson huggy bear Sexytime
Brent Ducharme Hurricane_Heron sgiblin
BROCKLESNAR!!!!! jafotinatos skeebop
brutalbobbyt JakeHopkins sklart
cardioless jason18 slipnrip
Careful Icarus Joe Rogan's Smoking Bong Snatchl
Centre Line John Danaher's Hair Snax
clay davis Kaleb Kelchner Starseed
clayguidashair KatGirl StevenGiles
Cocytus king of the dogs sun yue
Colonel Duke Lacross KNOWLEGE Sweet Scientist
DarthRevan lanky6 swiftman
Dave Strummer Laoldar Tats16
DetroitDrew1980 LBO TheTrapezoidConspiracy
dirtyml loveandpeace Tim Bernier
Discoandherpes LYHL TitanFan2K
Dr. Octagon Matt Bishop triangled
DreamingOfFighting MaZZacare UK MMA MAN
duck memitim Unabomberman
Earl Montclair mmastation Waristotle
Ephemeral Artery Mookie Alexander wonderfulspam
euthanatos MrBrutality Zachary Kater

New and Former BECW Players

Connor Ruebusch
Elite G
It's Always Raining In Negadelphia
Jeremy Couturier
Kevin Jennison J. Zametov-St Pierre
Robert V-U

The only person removed to make an even 120 players was PG user Bubbles who was the last of the new players to sign up and isn't even a member of Bloody Elbow. So if you don't see your name on the list, you must have screwed up somehow when filling out the appropriate sign-up form.

Keeper Players

Sugel Mendoza Andy Davis KMcCaig Marcu$
Round 1 Pooki Brad Ackerson PDG27 DetroitDrew
Round 2 LBO
sun yue triangled
Round 3 Dave Strummer
jason18 jafotinatos
Round 4

kingofthedogs LYHL
Round 5

Josh Hall Violent Newt OBP Ron Swanson
Round 1 Wonderfulspam Patrick Wyman ScorecardOTN Sgiblin
Round 2 AK Death Fedorable Forkboy Skeebop
Round 3 Sweet Scientist Fraser Coffeen Grizzlyatoms alxn
Round 4 Earl Montclair brutalbobbyt SlipNRip Waristotle
Round 5 Brent Ducharme aaronb swiftman

Draft Order

Each season I take the laziest approach and just type in all the captains' names to a random list generator online. Here is the draft order for the first and each odd numbered round afterwards, the even numbered rounds will go backwards. This means the person with the number 1 pick of the draft will also have the very last pick of the draft since there will be 12 rounds, and will have to wait forever in between picks but get back-to-back picks each time.

01) Manch1ld
02) Ron
03) Josh
04) Newt
05) Kelly
06) Marcus
07) OBP
08) PFP
09) Busa
10) Andy
11) SPA
12) Sugel

Draft Breakdown


Don't forget, the draft is at 5 PM Eastern Time tomorrow, so be sure to join us in the fanposts. Everyone's welcome.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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