UFC Fight Night 27: Jason High 'I think I came out a little too hot in my last fight'


UFC welterweight prospect, Jason High discusses the circumstances of his loss in his fight with Erick Silva, and how he plans to bounce back from it against James Head. He also discusses the very real 'hostile vibe' with Brazilian fans.

I believe in Jason High. There, I said it. The UFC welterweight prospect's last fight was not a proper measuring stick for his skill and potential, in my opinion. I know that opinions around here aren't in high demand, but I think we've yet to see the best of The KC Bandit. Hopefully, we get to see that Jason High tonight against James Head.

Recently, my MMA Sentinel co-host, Iain Kidd, and I interviewed Jason where he discussed what went wrong in his return to the UFC, what part of the globe he likes fighting in the most, and his opponent's strong points. Here's what he had to say:

James Head

I plan on pushing the pace. As far as skill goes, I think I'm a little more polished than James is, just about everywhere. He's got some real weapons, for sure. He's got a great clinch, a pretty good right hand and he's decent on the ground. I don't think he can wrestle with me though ... I don't think he can grapple with me at all, to be honest. He's tough though, and definitely has some skills.

Fighting In Brazil

The environment is really different. The crowd gets there for the very first fight, and they're there till the end. It's not like that here in America. The crowd usually shows up for the main card only. Other than the fight [laughs], it was really cool.

The fan hostility is definitely real. It's a different energy in the arena. I mean, there is no air conditioning in there, and the fans are there all night. That would never happen in the states, you know. You can definitely feel that hostile vibe, though. A lot of people think they're dangerous, but that's absolutely not true. They're not dangerous at all. They're not rabid animals [laughs].

Fighting In Japan

I like fighting in Japan best. It's a great experience fighting there. The Japanese are very passionate too, but just in a different way. They're really respectful of the fighters. In Brazil, it's loud, and they're chanting the whole time, like soccer fans. Japanese fans are quiet. If something exciting happens, there will be a small, audible 'Wooo', or something like that. It's a different culture, and fans are just products of their culture.

Erick Silva Fight

There are a few factors that contributed to me dropping that fight. I don't know. I just think I had a bad fight. I think I came out a little too hot and a little too amped up. I'm just going to try to relax and have a little fun this time. It had been almost a year since I had fought, and I was just too ready to go.

Ricardo Liborio

Every time I get to be around Ricardo is cool because I get to pick his brain, and listen to some of the history come out. He's been around so long. He's one of those first generation jiu jitsu guys, and he's full of knowledge and history. It's like getting to pick the brain of Frank Gotch, or somebody like that.

Pressure To Win

Of course it's something you think about, because you want to win every fight. It doesn't really matter that I lost the last one. Even if I had won it, I'd still want to go into this one performing well and I'd still want to get the victory. I just try to focus on the process more than the result. If you go in and work hard and fight hard, then the result will take care of itself. Whatever the result of my last fight was, I still need and want to get the win in my next fight.

You can follow Jason via his Twitter account @KCBanditMMA

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