UFC Fight Night 27: Martin Kampmann 'He can run all day, but I'll catch him'

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight contender, Martin Kampmann discusses his long awaited rematch with Carlos Condit and what he thought of the Ellenberger/MacDonald fight.

Tonight marks the first Wednesday version of the UFC's Ultimate Fight Night in ages. I used to look forward to these mid-week cards to help break up monotonous work weeks. Then the UFC left Spike TV, and the Wednesday cards were gone. That small chunk of Wednesday violence has been sorely missed, but fortunately, FOX Sports One and the UFC, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to bring them back.

Headlining UFN 27 is a rematch that may diehards have been waiting to see. Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann last fought on a Wednesday version of UFN, more than four years ago. It's almost poetically fitting that they have their rematch on the first Wednesday card in three years.

Recently, I did an interview with Martin where he discussed his upcoming rematch with Condit. Here's what he had to say:

The Rematch

The first time, it was a close fight. It was back and forth, but the difference from that fight to this one will be that I have two more rounds to get the finish. I'm going in there for the kill and I will finish him. I'll be happy to get him out of there fast, too. The quicker the better [laughs[. That's less time for me to get beat up in.

Condit is still a tough guy, though, so I'm prepared for a five round war. I don't want to go five rounds back and forth. Five rounds is a long time to fight and a long time to get beat up in. I'm going in there to get the finish, but I've trained to go five rounds if that's what it takes.

Condit's Fight With Diaz

That Nick Diaz fight showed a different Condit than I've ever seen in his other fights. If he's gonna run, then I'm gonna chase. He can run all day, but I'll catch him. I don't think he'll run, though. I think he's going to come to fight, because he'll want to get that finish, too.

MacDonald's Fight With Ellenberger

I thought that fight was terribly boring. I was actually dozing off while I was watching it. I'm not even sure I saw the whole fight [laughs]. Rory was just trying to outpoint Jake by poking him with that little jab and dancing around. I was looking forward to watching that fight, but it was so boring. I was pretty disappointed, just like everybody else was.

Final Thoughts

It's always an honor to main event, and they put us in that spot because they know we deliver. They know we go in there for the finish. It's going to make for a hell of a fight. Now it's time to show why they put us in that spot to begin with.

With both guys coming off losses, the fight should have all the ingredients to make for a spectacular contest. I know this rematch is one I've been looking forward to. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

You can follow Martin via his Twitter account, @MartinKampmann

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