Donald Cerrone Focused on Fight Within Ahead of UFC Fight Night 27

If one were to run their finger down the UFC roster in search of the fighter that seems to love their job the most, odds are that Donald Cerrone would get a great deal of consideration for that title. True or not, when Cerrone steps into the Octagon he just looks like he can’t wait to get the fight started. Another reason to consider Cerrone would be the man loves to stay active, fighting five times in 2011.

Cerrone’s pace slowed in 2012. He fought only twice during that calendar year, winning both fights. He made the most of his second fight, knocking out his friend and former training partner, Melvin Guillard in 76 seconds. Cerrone earned Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night honors for his brief time inside the cage that evening in August 2012. He also earned a shot at highly ranked Anthony Pettis.

Pettis made short work of Cerrone, using a devastatingly well-placed liver kick to end the fight at the 2:35 mark of the first round.

That loss to Pettis made Cerrone realize that maybe his love for the game and his full speed at all times attitude left him a bit unfocused on longer-range goals. That lack of focus resulted in Cerrone getting in touch with sports psychologist Brian Cain, an individual who had worked with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in the past.

The work with Cain allowed Cerrone to rebound in his next fight, a unanimous decision win over K.J. Noons at UFC 160.

Cerrone, currently ranked No. 6 in the UFC’s lightweight division will face No. 10 ranked Rafael dos Anjos on Wednesday, August 28 in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 27.

The upcoming bout, Cerrone’s third fight in 2013, will further test his focus. It was recently revealed by that Cerrone was charged in a "boating rage" incident where he was charged with Third Degree Assault. For some, the possibility of facing a date in court would be a huge distraction. Cerrone seems unconcerned about that possibility, telling, "I really have no comment on it, but it's not a distraction for me at all. I'm 100 percent prepared and focused on this fight. Whatever goes to court and happens with that, I have no control over it."

A victory over Dos Anjos will help Cerrone’s record, and it will likely move him back into the thick of the title fight conversation, but really the bigger fight for Cerrone is with himself, as he told, "This fight isn't about dos Anjos. It's about me going out there and doing everything that I do. Really, the fight is against me."

If Cerrone can get the win over Dos Anjos and increase his confidence, he may very well have cleared the final roadblock on his way to becoming a future UFC champion.

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